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A Fresh Way to Fight the Visible Signs of Ageing

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Total Effects with Cooling Essence, a fresh way to fight the visible signs of ageing from Olay.


Nothing feels better than a refreshing glass of water sipped poolside on a warm summer day. Now your skin can benefit from the same cooling sensation thanks to new Olay Total Effects Advanced Daily Moisturiser with Cooling Essence.

If long summer days have left your skin tired and dehydrated, then this exciting new variant from Olay Total Effects is for you.

Olay Total Effects Daily Moisturiser with Cooling Essence contains glycerol and the age-fighting VitaNiacin complex, which absorbs deeply into the skin’s surface to refresh the skin from within, and is boosted with mint extracts that work together with a burst of cooling water to provide a breezy feeling as the product is spread over the skin. The lightweight formula fights the 7 signs of ageing and keeps your skin hydrated for up to 12 hours!

While anti-ageing creams have seen great technological advances in recent years, many still leave a lingering greasiness. A recent survey revealed that more than 1 in 4 women feel greasiness is the biggest dissatisfaction with their anti-ageing moisturiser*.

Dr Colin D’Silva, Principal Scientist at Olay, says: “Traditional anti-ageing moisturisers use generous amounts of pigment, heavy emollients and thickeners that give the product a rich feel. This approach results in less available water to cool the skin and such moisturisers can feel thick and greasy. I think consumers will be impressed by the new lightweight formula of Olay Total Effects Advanced Daily Moisturiser with Cooling Essence – it absorbs quickly and does not leave skin feeling greasy or oily.

“We have taken a 3-pronged approach to ensure the product delivers a refreshing, lightweight feel without compromising on the anti-ageing benefits the Total Effects range is known for,” he says.

“The product is re-balanced to provide a lighter, more refreshing feel. It has just the right amount of pigments and emollients to cover and protect skin while the higher levels of available water cool and refresh the skin,” says Dr D’Silva.

The signature Olay Total Effects VitaNiacin complex has long been proven for its ability to combat the multiple visible signs of skin ageing. The VitaNiacin complex also serves to carry the freshness further by helping to strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier over time.

This helps skin lock in its own hydration, enabling it to recover more quickly from pressure wrinkles – the sort caused by sleep lines from a pillow. Skin that stays well hydrated is also more resistant to the fine lines and dull skin appearance characteristics of dryness.

Dr D’Silva says the technological advances in Olay Total Effects with Cooling Essence provide measurable, noticeable benefits for your skin.  “These benefits start the moment you apply it and continue into the days, weeks and months that you use it.”

New Olay Total Effects with Cooling Essence is a fresh way to fight ageing. It breaks out of the mould of these heavy, greasy anti-ageing creams thanks to its re-balanced, refreshing new formula, and with the proven anti-ageing effectiveness of the VitaNiacin Complex.

Olay Total Effects Advanced Daily Moisturiser (RRP$32.99) with a burst of cooling essence is available in stores nationwide.

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A Fresh Way to Fight the Visible Signs of Ageing
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