Jun 2010

A Touch of Class and Glass For Your Nails!

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A Touch of Class and Glass For Your Nails! a Parnell nail salon has introduced a new design to adorn fingernails.


For the ultimate accessory you’ll never leave home without, get your hands on IceFiles – the latest statement piece that goes with absolutely everything!

New to New Zealand and available at boutique nail salon Verdo Nails, IceFiles are adorned with stunning Austrian Swarovski crystals and bring more than a touch of glam to your fingertips.

IceFiles are made from Czechoslovakian tempered glass, making them stronger than standard glass files and easier on natural nails. IceFiles help to prevent chipping and splitting by giving your nails the cleanest, smoothest edges possible. They’re also super-safe, with the ends of the glass file polished by hand to prevent cutting.

Used in all treatments at Verdo Nails and also available to purchase, IceFiles are durable, reusable and the most hygienic and safe option available. IceFiles are also easily sterilised to prevent infection.

The gentle abrasive surface of IceFiles is permanently etched into the uniquely hardened glass – and with a lifetime guarantee, you can be sure that your IceFiles will stand the test of time!

Verdo Nails is a boutique nail salon offering affordable luxury through its full range of services to clients, from manicures and pedicures to spa treatments, nail enhancements and acrylics – staffed by a dedicated team of professionals boasting a wealth of experience in the industry.


 Verdo Nails’ services include;


  • File and Paint $25 (15 minutes)
  • Mini Manicure $35 (30 Minutes)
  • Spa Manicure $50 (45 Minutes)
  • Deluxe Spa Manicure $70 (60 Minutes)
  • Mens Manicure $35 (30 Minutes)

Nail Enhancements and Maintenance:

  • Full Set $100
  • Full Set French $105
  • Acrylic overlay on Natural Nail $85
  • Rebalancing $58
  • French Rebalancing $65
  • Removal of product $55
  • Replacement Nail $10
  • Acrylic Toes $130

IceFiles are available at an RRP of $35 each and can be purchased online or at the Verdo Nails salon.

For more information visit www.verdonails.co.nz

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A Touch of Class and Glass For Your Nails!
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