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Jul 2014

What’s in a logo?

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Marketing specialist and Impact PR director, Fleur Revell was asked for comment on the Ingram Micro logo change by a leading NZ online technology magazine.


Aug 2013

The Brand that Saved the World

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Corporate sponsorship of global initiatives which affect humanity could resolve issues which plague us all. So what stops a brand from taking up a marketing opportunity like this on a global scale?


Jul 2013

Paperless Receipts to Cut Retail Transaction Times

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According to one PR consultant, the technology exists to save hundreds of forests and every consumer in the world thousands of hours over their shopping lifetime. So what is the reason that paperless receipts are not available from every retailer in New Zealand?


Jun 2013

How to Use Your CV to Impress

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A job candidate recently approached us wanting to work for our public relation [sic] agency. Unfortunately for them we run a public relations agency. We reflect on how important first impressions are to brands in the market for new customers using this timely analogy.

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