Dec 2014

Beat Mozzies with an Effective and Non-Toxic Repellent

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Skin Technology Insect Repellent offers a safer, easier, and non-toxic way to protect yourself from the mozzies this summer.

Skin TechnologySummer is here and along with the blissful promise of sand, surf and the smell of sausies on the BBQ, comes one thing most of us would rather live without – the tormenting nature of mosquitoes!

But now there’s a safer, easier, and non-toxic way to protect yourself from the dreaded mozzies, while you focus on the important things, like winning that game of twilight cricket, and just what bottle of Sav to serve with the freshly caught fish.

Skin Technology Insect Repellent offers up to 8 hours of protection thanks to the active ingredient Picaridin, a non-toxic alternative to repellents that use Deet – a solvent that has serious health concerns surrounding neurotoxicity, and is not recommended for use on pregnant women or young children.

Picaridin is recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as the active ingredient of choice in repellents for malaria prevention. Repellents containing it are now available in New Zealand, and are safe for children aged two and up, and during pregnancy* for expectant mums.

“The insect repellent market has been dominated by products containing Deet, but because of increased awareness of the downsides (melting of plastics and potential toxicity), consumers are now looking for proven and safe alternatives. Picaridin is just that,” says Skin Technology managing director James Fraher.

“Deet has a higher toxicity level than Picaridin, and it can even melt some plastics and textiles. Meanwhile, Skin Technology Insect Repellent has been proven for both effectiveness and gentleness on the skin, and is safe for everyone to use.”

And you won’t lose any protection, with the WHO stating that Picaridin ‘demonstrates excellent repellent properties comparable to, and often superior to, those of the standard Deet.’

Not only is Skin Technology Insect Repellent non-toxic, but the special formulation is gentle on skin, non-greasy and smells good. Plus, it is biodegradable, which means it’s kinder to the environment than other repellents available.

“Products containing Picaridin are now the leading repellents in many Western countries due to peoples’ concerns about Deet, so it’s great to be able to offer it to health-conscious Kiwis,” adds Fraher.

Skin Technology Insect Repellent is available from selected pharmacies (RRP$18.95) or online.

For more information, see http://skintechnology.co.nz/collections/insect-repellent/products/picaridin-repellent.

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Beat Mozzies with an Effective and Non-Toxic Repellent
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