Aug 2010

Care for your Canine’s Smile Anytime, Anywhere with Pedigree Dentastix

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Care for your Canine’s Smile Anytime, Anywhere with Pedigree Dentastix the latest way to give your dog a healthy mouth.


Fresh breath and great teeth isn’t just important for us humans – give your canine something to smile about this summer, with PEDIGREE® DENTAStix™!

The efficacy of PEDIGREE® DENTAStix™  – the chews that care for your canine’s smile anytime, anywhere – are backed by leading research into periodontal disease control. In an international report, it was found that using dental hygiene chews provided effective periodontal disease control and dog owners could expect similar improvements in the dental health of their dogs by feeding them a daily dental chew*.

Dental disease is a common problem among our canine friends – according to renowned Scottish veterinary dentist Norman Johnston, 80 percent of dogs show signs of periodontal disease by the time they’re just three years old.

The disease is the main oral health issue affecting dogs today and is caused by plaque and calculus build-up, which leads to bacteria forming that causes oral malodour, otherwise known as stinky dog breath! But more than that, it’s painful for dogs and can lead to tooth loss, abscesses and bone infection.

Add a tasty treat to your dog’s daily oral health regime with a dental care chew such as PEDIGREE® DENTAStix™ – not only will they love the taste, but with a patented X-shape design, PEDIGREE® DENTAStix™ help to clean down to the gum line for up to 80 per cent tartar build-up reduction.

And with their handy, portable size, you can take PEDIGREE® DENTAStix™ with you anytime, anywhere – whether it’s a trip to the dog park, a day out swimming or ball catching at the beach.

Not only does an effective oral routine help to reduce the risk of dental disease, but studies also indicate that the bacteria associated with gum disease may also impact heart, kidney and liver health – making your dog’s oral health essential to their overall wellbeing.

Pedigree Marketing Manager Oliver Downs says all dog owners should adopt an oral care routine to keep their precious pooch in the best possible health.

“While toothbrushing is the recognised gold-standard method to reduce the risk of dental disease, associated care such as dental chews and regular check-ups are equally important to promoting good oral health for dogs. PEDIGREE® DENTAStix™ are an excellent way for dog owners to start a preventative approach to oral care for their pets,” says Downs.

“As well as feeding their dogs oral care treats such as PEDIGREE® DENTAStix™, owners need to embark on daily toothbrushing, check for signs of gum disease and book regular check-ups at their local vet as part of their oral health care regime.”

PEDIGREE® DENTAStix™ (RRP $5.99 – 110g for small dogs, RRP $6.29 – 180g for medium dogs and RRP $6.49 – 270g for large dogs) are available in stores nationwide.

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