Oct 2013

Christchurch Woman to Represent New Zealand in Australasian Baking Competition!

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Kyra Dawson, chosen as New Zealand representative in the Australasian ‘Ultimate Bake Off’ challenge next week. The Muffin Break employee has more than five years experience which she will put to use as she competes in five baking challenges.

Bake_Off_Kyra_DawsonKyra Dawson, a baker at Muffin Break Hornby, will head across the Tasman to represent New Zealand in the ‘Ultimate Bake Off’ challenge next week.

Dawson beat New Zealand’s top bakers to secure a place in the annual Muffin Break (Australasian) baking final by producing the most impressive baking treats and showcasing her technical skills.

As the Kiwi finalist, Dawson has already received a $500 visa gift card, an engraved baking knife, a special embroidered apron and is now on her way to Australia to compete in the grand final where she will contend for the Ultimate Bake Off title, a $1,000 visa gift card and a Kitchenaid mixer.

With more than five years at Muffin Break behind her, the 34-year-old mum-of-three says her passion for baking continues to grow every day.

“I have always dreamed of being a qualified baker and being able to take my love for baking overseas,” she says.

“It’s fantastic to be in a work environment which supports my passion so readily and offers multiple opportunities for me to learn and share my creativity.”

Muffin Break New Zealand General Manager, Garry Croft, says he is thrilled to be able to recognise the top baking talent in New Zealand through the ‘Ultimate Bake Off’ competition.

“We congratulate Kyra for being selected as the best baker in the country, along with her franchisee Ian Brown from Muffin Break Hornby for building her talent.”

Dawson will join five other finalists as she competes in five categories including;

  1. Signature Product – each finalist will need to submit an original recipe (using ingredients from the Muffin Break pantry) for a sweet or savoury signature dish that will be the featured as part of the baked stall challenge. Bakers will need to serve each judge a full portion of your signature baked product (including any garnishes).
  2. Muffin Baking – each finalist will need to bake 3.5kg of Hi-Fibre (Apple Cinnamon, Blueberry & Choc Chip) and 1kg of Weight Watchers (Choc Raspberry). Bakers will be marked on their technique and kitchen skills.
  3. Bake Stall – each finalist will need to set up a bake stall to present their signature dish for the judges and potential customers as a part of the people’s choice score.
  4. Garnish Challenge – Thin Crust Quiche – each finalist will use a selection of garnishes to turn a simple quiche into something amazing!
  5. Eggs! Eggs! Eggs! – each finalist will be given 1kg of egg whites which will need to be separated and 2 eggs whites to be whisked into stiff peaks the finalist with the fastest time will be the winner of this challenge.

To help prepare before the competition begins, Dawson and the other finalists will enjoy an evening of hands on cooking led by qualified chefs, Julien and Hulya at William’s Sonoma Cooking School.

The Ultimate Bake Off will be held at the Foodco Training Academy in Sydney on October 30th & 31st.



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Christchurch Woman to Represent New Zealand in Australasian Baking Competition!
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