Dec 2009

Consumers Win in Mobile Price Battle

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Compass Communications has launched a new mobile service and competitive pricing plans with the aim of shaking up the New Zealand telecommunications market.


Compass Communications has this week launched its new, better value mobile service with a competitive pricing strategy aimed at luring customers away from existing networks.

Compass  will now be able to offer New Zealanders a comprehensive and high value communications package. Compass line rental, tolls, internet and mobile access will be at a significantly lower price than its two main competitors.

With mobile to mobile prices as low as 25 cents a minute and monthly access costs starting at just $15, business and personal customers are able to save at least 20-30 percent on their annual mobile costs.

Compass CEO Karim Hussona says early approaches to some key accounts has seen a number of those approached switch to Compass mobile and away from their current providers.

“Compass will bring the same simple, competitive approach to mobiles that its customers currently enjoy with traditional landline and toll products. Already our sales to current Compass customers have been going well and the offer well received by a select group of SME and residential accounts.”

Compass mobile will target consumers in the residential, small office or home office user and small to medium enterprises market.

Those individuals or companies with Vodafone hardware will still be able to utilise it and those currently using Compass’s other services such as line rental, tolls and internet can get one fully integrated account.

Pricing is simple. No contract is required but discounts are offered for those who do take up contracts, with cheaper calls if they have their fixed line services with Compass as well. The low calling rates apply all day with no higher peak rates.

Hussona says until now consumers have been paying too much for phones through their contracts.

If customers are currently using a Vodafone handset switching to Compass is easy with the insertion of a Compass SIM card. Those on other networks may be eligible for a hardware subsidy in the form of a gift card redeemable at leading electronic retailers.

While customers can keep the same mobile number regardless of the network they’ve switched from, many are opting for a new number starting with the Compass 0280 prefix. This means businesses and consumers can have their name, business name or landline number as their mobile number.

Compass offers the same network coverage, and base services as network supplier Vodafone.

Customers who are under contract with another supplier will need to pay an early termination fee but Compass says often this is less than the savings made under their plans.

Consumer plans start at $15 per month with calls from 25 cents a minute and business plans start at $13.95 plus GST with calls from 24 cents per minute plus GST.

For more information visit http://www.compass.net.nz/

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Consumers Win in Mobile Price Battle
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