Oct 2013

Craving a Pizza Loaded With Feisty Flavour? Try Domino’s New Chef’s Best Pepperoni and Parmesan!

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Domino’s introduces a new pizza to their Chef’s Best range. Combining two classic topping favorites- pepperoni and parmesan- this is a pizza made for pizza-lovers.

After a pizza with a sharp and satisfying flavour every slice? Domino’s new Chef’s Best Pepperoni and Parmesan has come to the rescue!

The pizza experts at Domino’s have created the popular flavour to give pizza aficionados a slice with more punch than ever before!

The delicious Chef’s Best Pepperoni and Parmesan comes in a generous size, with a mouth-watering 20 slices per pizza, topped with sharp and tasty pepperoni.

While other cheeses can be bland, parmesan has a real bite, and the combination of these flavours is the perfect marriage for upbeat summer parties and get-togethers – you’ll be the ideal host!

Chef’s Best Pepperoni and Parmesan is great value at only $7 pick-up – in line with Domino’s commitment to giving customers more value for less money.

For more information visit http://www.dominospizza.co.nz

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