Jun 2011

Embrace a New Scentsation with Ambi Pur Air Effects!

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Embrace a New Scentsation with Ambi Pur Air Effects! The global scent brand has introduced the Air Effects range to freshen New Zealand households.


Ambi Pur – the brand known around the world for its high quality scents – today announced the launch of Air Effects, delivering a breath of fresh air to Kiwi households this season!

New Ambi Pur Air Effects combine beautifully designed light and fresh fragrances with advanced odour elimination technology. This patented technology contains ingredients that interact with and eliminate odour molecules in the air, while delivering a fresh mist of fine perfume in seven carefully crafted signature scents.

These scents are designed by the same team behind some of the world’s most successful perfume houses, including Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci and Hugo Boss.  With Ambi Pur Air Effects P&G brings on-trend fragrance credentials into your home and lifestyle!

Junji Hamano, Creative Perfumer at Procter & Gamble, says there is a growing trend to extend the design of homes with scent, as well as refresh the air.

“Different scents allow you to add a personal touch to the home space, and with Ambi-Pur Air Effects, we can eliminate unpleasant odours while at the same time refresh our living spaces with a light, gentle fragrance,” he says.

Ambi-Pur Air Effects also boast an innovative, natural Nitrogen-based propellant within an easy-to-use trigger system, delivering a perfect arc of pure fragranced mist to refresh the air in your home. This breakthrough formulation means Air Effects works better and lasts longer than typical aerosol sprays, so your home stays refreshed and beautifully scented for an extended length of time.


Whether you want the sweet simplicity of Spring & Renewal, Linen & Sky or Meadows & Rain, or prefer to spice things up a bit with Sweet Citrus & Zest – with Air Effects there is a fragrance to suit you – and your home! Take comfort from Blossoms & Breeze or mix it up a little with Rocky Springs & Cool or the gentle, homely scent of Lavender Vanilla & Comfort.

Ambi-Pur Air Effects (RRP $6.99) is available from supermarkets and mass outlet stores in seven fragrances:

  • Lavender Vanilla & Comfort
  • Blossoms & Breeze
  • Sweet Citrus & Zest
  • Meadows & Rain
  • Rocky Springs & Cool
  • Spring & Renewal
  • Linen & Sky

For more information visit www.ambipur.com


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Embrace a New Scentsation with Ambi Pur Air Effects!
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