Apr 2013

Enjoy Regenerated, Hydrated Skin, with new Olay Regenerist

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Olay has upgraded their Regenerist products with a total revamp on packaging and 20 percent more anti-ageing ingredients.

Regenerist+Revitalising+CreamMedia Release by Mark Devlin (circle me on Google +) of Auckland Public Relations Company Impact PR: Olay has released their new packaging for their Olay Regenerist Brand.

Jump aboard the upgrade wagon this season with new Olay Regenerist with 20 percent more anti-ageing ingredients, it’s the ultimate way to regenerate your skin surface, for beautifully hydrated, regenerated skin.

Thanks to insights to the science of Cellular Bioenergetics, new Olay Regenerist with 20 percent more anti-ageing ingredients can regenerate your skin surface faster than a $250 luxury cream* and hydrates better than 18 luxury creams costing up to $500*.

World-class research has led Olay to develop a new skin theory Skin Fatigue. Using fresh tools based on Cellular Bioenergetics research, Olay discovered skin’s cellular bioenergy, like our body, slows down as we age, which is why older skin is slow to respond to anti-ageing treatments.

Using Cellular Bioenergetics imaging tools, Olay was able to visualise skin cellular energy levels in living skin cells, and discovered a significant decline between 20 and 60-year-old skin.

Olay Research & Development Expert, Murali Sampath, says _In the past decade, science has witnessed a revolution in the field of cellular bioenergetics the processes by which cells produce and consume energy.”

_Our research reveals that cells simply don’t have the functioning metabolism required to fully respond to anti-ageing treatments. This leads to a slowed response to anti-ageing treatments and visual skin improvement.”

Olay scientists also discovered an effective approach to fighting skin fatigue is to boost aged cells’ ability to produce energy and its ability to respond to stress. Olay has identified three active ingredients Niacinamide, Pal-KTTKS and Olivem that can actually help fight skin fatigue in aged cells.

New and improved Olay Regenerist starts to fight skin fatigue by regenerating skin faster1 and boosting natural skin renewal (hydration and exfoliation), providing immediate improvement in fine lines, pores, and brightness.

Olay Regenerist’s famous Amino Peptide Complex was supercharged with technology proven to fight skin fatigue and energise skin appearance. Niacinamide and Pal-KTTKS, with the addition of new Olay ingredient Olivem, work as an optimised formula for superior2 penetration and results.

Olay Micro-Sculpting Serum and Cream also contain a fourth ingredient, Lys’lastine, which further acts to energise your skin’s appearance.

With Olay Micro-Sculpting Cream, after just?

10 minutes: Noticeable improvement to ageing concerns like eye lines and brightness and boosting hydration****

Four days: Hydrates to provide firmer skin*****

Five days: Regenerates skin up to 2X faster by boosting natural skin renewal******

Within One Jar: Visible wrinkle reduction*******

Olay Regenerist Ambassador, Rebecca Gibney, says _I don’t know how they did it, but new Olay Regenerist is now even better! I have been using the Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream and Serum and my skin looks better every day.”

Olay Spokesperson, Candice Glynn, says _P&G scientists have pioneered the application of Cellular Bioenergetics science to better understand why women’s skin is slow to respond to anti-ageing skin care products as they get older, in order to discover new technologies to accelerate a reduction in signs of skin ageing.”

_New Olay Regenerist gives you the opportunity to use and enjoy a product that offers 20 percent more anti-ageing ingredients, with technology proven to fight skin fatigue, and giving you beautifully hydrated, regenerated skin this season and beyond,” she says.

New Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Cream (RRP$49.99) is available from leading pharmacies and supermarkets nationwide.

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Enjoy Regenerated, Hydrated Skin, with new Olay Regenerist
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