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Faded favourite seen better days? An easy Dylon hue will see you through!

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Dylon Multi-Purpose Dyes are the the easy way to revamp treasured wardrobe favourites, or get creative create whole new masterpieces.

Dylon-MadonnaBlue-DyeA woman’s mind works overtime when it comes to reflecting on a relationship and deciding whether it’s best to ‘hold on’ or ‘move on’. It’s hard to put a finger on it; it’s always felt like the perfect fit, but lately things have started to fade and the partnership isn’t as vibrant, sexy or attractive as it once was. You used to be all over each other, but seemingly now you can’t even recall the last time you went out together.

Support is at hand. Thanks to Dylon Multi-Purpose Dyes (from $5.99), you no longer need to feel the guilt of breaking up with treasured items from your wardrobe, because with our impressive selection of vibrant colour dyes you can simply and easily transform pieces of clothing to their former self or into a new hue – and fall in love all over again!

Dylon Multi-Purpose Dyes have been a Kiwi family favourite for years, and you may even remember our original circular tin dye containers. Today, we’ve repackaged and refreshed our selection and boast 20 incredible on-trend colours.

Perhaps a once crisp white cotton shirt is in need of a new season hue – the beautiful Rose of Paris or luxurious Windsor Purple hues add an instant softness and prettiness that’s perfect for spring. Or maybe your favourite LRD (little red dress) is looking more battered than bold? Simply give it a touch of the Dylon Scarlett hue and be awe of the dancefloor once more.

Dylon Multi-Purpose Dyes are created to be used with hot water. They are specially formulated for colouring Nylon and garments containing Lycra, Elastanse as well as fabrics like cotton, linen, viscose, wool and silk.

Did you also know that Dylon dyes can be used to dye a variety of craft and decorative items such as feathers, raffia, plastic buttons and wooden items? There’s never been a better time (or reason) to get creative.

When it comes to the process there’s no need to be intimidated, because Dylon Dyes are created for simple and straight forward at-home use. All the instructions are clearly printed on each Multi-Purpose packet, but essentially it works in these short steps:

1. Weigh dry fabric. Wash fabric and leave damp.

2. Fill large saucepan with enough water to cover article.

3. Wearing rubber gloves, make solution: dissolve dye in 500ml boiling water & stir.

4. Add solution to saucepan with 30g salt, stir well.

5. Place fabric in saucepan, raise temp to simmer, stir for 20 minutes.

6. Rinse fabric until water runs clear. Wash (on its own) in machine or by hand.

7. Dry away from direct heat or sunlight.

Upcycling has never been so on-trend, so saviour your wardrobe favourites and get immense satisfaction from reviving much-loved items yourself at home. If you ask us, that’s truly a style statement and certainly fashion to dye for!

Dylon® Multi-Purpose Dyes are available in 20 colours from selected pharmacies and Spotlight. Find us https://www.facebook.com/dylonnz/info

More information:

– Suitable fabrics: cotton, linen, viscose, wool, silk, nylon and Lycra® (elastane).

– NOT for pure synthetics (except nylon), polyester/wool mixtures, or fabrics with special finishes.

– Multi-Purpose Dye is not colourfast so garments should always be washed separately.

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Faded favourite seen better days? An easy Dylon hue will see you through!
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