May 2012

Fujifilm Personality Based Marketing Campaign World First

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The new Fujifilm personality based marketing campaign world first for New Zealand. With the new Zoe by Finepix, Fujifilm are launching a campaign with their young female market in mind and creating a digital camera that also doubles as a character accessory.

Z110_Blue_Front_Left-1Fujifilm New Zealand is taking a new perspective when it comes to marketing photographic technology creating a range of personality-based digital camera identities to draw the Gen Y dollar.
The new Zoë by FinePix is based around “the girl everyone wants to know” as the digital camera takes on five different colour-relevant personalities.
As Fujifilm’s best selling camera, the FinePix Z Series is aimed at a young female market, so the company’s marketing strategy has moved away from naming and promoting the product by its model numbers and features.
Instead they have created a new brand personality in “Zoë” to fit with the target market, so the product becomes a fashion accessory to fit with the everyday lives of consumers.
Fujifilm marketing services manager Maca Melendez says this new strategy comes from an understanding that the target market for its biggest selling camera sees it more as a fashion accessory than a piece of technology.
With a range of five unique personalities, Zoë is being promoted to young girls as the ultimate best friend and fashion icon complete with colour matched accessories case, 4G SD card & USB drive.
Melendez says this new strategy is a world first for Fujifilm and will look directly at what the target market wants from their digital camera.
“In the case of the simple FinePix Z110, they want a fashion accessory to take everywhere, someone who can fit right in with their own unique style and personality. The camera comes in 5 colours and that’s what we’ll be communicating to them,” she says.
Fujifilm New Zealand have launched the new “Zoë by FinePix” campaign primarily via social media to pinpoint the online interests of their target market.
As promoted on the packaging and in advertising, consumers can “find out more about what Zoë likes” on her Facebook page: www.facebook.com/zoebyfinepix. The “Zoë by FinePix” camera comes in five colour-based personalities: “Blue My Mind”, “Jade With Envy”, “No Shrinking Violet”, “Pretty In Pink” and “All White Darling”.
For more information about FinePix visit www.fujifilm.co.nz.

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Fujifilm Personality Based Marketing Campaign World First
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