Oct 2012

Get a Taste of Nature with Head & Shoulders Apple Fresh!

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Get a Taste of Nature – with Head & Shoulders Apple Fresh!

Apple-Fresh-Conditioner_High-Res-resized-113x300Head & Shoulders gives you Apple Fresh Shampoo and Conditioner the only way to get beautifully clean, flake-free hair- with a delicious fruity scent! Wake up and smell the apples with Head & Shoulders Apple Fresh the only way to get beautifully clean, flake-free hair with a deliciously fruity scent!
You can trust Head & Shoulders to give you powerful anti-dandruff action and superior cleaning performance and now with new Head & Shoulders Apple Fresh shampoo and conditioner, you get the added beauty bonus of gorgeously scented hair, all day long. The unique Apple Fresh formulation works in combination with Head & Shoulders powerful anti-fungal HydraZinc formula and new Pro-Clean technology, to create an invigorating hair experience that will leave you feeling clean, fresh and good enough to eat! We know that everyday styling products, blow drying and exposure to pollution can really affect the way our hair feels and smells, but dandruff and scalp issues can also affect hair’s fragrance. Embrace beautifully scented hair with new Head & Shoulders Apple Fresh, born from a collaboration with fragrance designers, perfumers and fragrance houses, it delivers a beautifully vibrant and complex combination of crisp fruits, florals and clean musks, from delicately delicious ingredients including emerald apples, lilies and Asian pear. Head & Shoulders Senior Perfumer, Stacy Hertenstein, says fresh smelling scents can actually lift our mood.
“In response, Head & Shoulders has designed Apple Fresh, incorporating multi-layered fragrance and fresh ingredients for a delicious scent that lasts throughout the day,” she says. Head & Shoulders Principal Scientist, Lais Koelle, says the dandruff causing Malassezia fungus is not only present in the scalp, but also at the hair tips, where it becomes possible for the fungus to evade treatment.
“When combined with oils produced in hair sebum, the break down results in fatty acids, which often omit an unpleasant odour. Head & Shoulders Apple Fresh contains unique HydraZinc technology, which ensures the shampoo and conditioner system tackles the visible symptoms of dandruff from the first wash1, leaving the hair and scalp feeling and smelling fresh,” she says.
The innovative Head & Shoulders Apple Fresh formula combines four key active ingredients; HydraZinc, Pro-Clean Technology, ZPT particles and Coacervates. HydraZinc is a powerful anti-fungal formula to remove dandruff and unwanted sebum, while Pro-Clean Technology removes oil and grime more efficiently than ever before, with a new and improved blend of cleaning actives to deliver superior cleaning performance, leaving less residue and allowing your hair to stay smelling fresher, for longer.
Fifty times smaller than a strand of hair, ZPT particles are positioned to efficiently remove the dandruff that can cause Malassezia globosa fungus. And characterised by networks of active conditioning ingredients that work to hold down the unique HydraZinc formula during rinsing, Coacervates ensure ZPT particles stay on the scalp surface and continue to deliver benefits, long after you’ve showered! P&G Spokesperson, Lisa Cunningham, says she is excited to launch new Head & Shoulders Apple Fresh.
“Head & Shoulders Apple Fresh provides the same effective anti-dandruff action and superior cleaning performance it is renowned for, with a new and delicious fragrance to keep hair smelling fresher, for longer,” she says. Head & Shoulders Apple Fresh Shampoo and Conditioner (RRP$6.12, 200mL) are available in stores nationwide.

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Get a Taste of Nature with Head & Shoulders Apple Fresh!
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