Jul 2014

Give lunchtime a little luxury – at Muffin Break

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The new Gourmet Tartlets Range from Muffin Break offer a perfectly filling, light lunch option. In eight different tantalising flavours, the new rang offers a wholesome yet filling meal this winter.

Muffin-break-tartletWhen was the last time you took time out to enjoy a Me Moment to recharge? Your local Muffin Break is the ideal respite for your brunch or midday break, and our freshly-baked savoury and sweet menu offers so much more than just muffins….  we love lunch too!

This winter we welcome our new Gourmet Tartlets Range which serve as a light lunch option that also gives your taste buds a little luxury. Generously packed with ingredients from your chosen flavour but made with a reduced amount of egg, cream and pastry, these tasty tartlets are perfectly filling while keeping kilojoules to a minimum.

There’s a high quality taste combination to suit every craving – the Chorizo and Caramelised Onion tartlet is a perfect match of salty and sweet; our Leek, Mushroom and Capsicum gives a vegetarian-friendly creamy seduction; the Bacon, Mushroom and Mustard provides a fabulous flavour kick, and the succulent Chicken, Capsicum and Red Pesto tartlet is the ideal winter warmer.

Taking the time for lunch is something Muffin Break took to heart when designing the tantalising range of Gourmet Tartlets. During this fast-paced and often frantic way of life it’s never been more important to be able to enjoy your food and take some time (even just a little!) to eat it. Appreciating good food can only come when you are present in the moment in which you eat it!

For a delicious way to enjoy a wholesome yet filling meal this winter, why not take a true break from your busy work day or shopping excursion at Muffin Break?

Muffin Break’s Gourmet Tartlet offerings (RRP $6.90) include:

  • Chicken, Capsicum & Red Pesto
  • Chicken & Sweet Chilli
  • Bacon, Mushroom & Mustard
  • Ham, Parmesan & Rocket
  • Capsicum, Leek & Mushroom (V)
  • Chorizo & Caramelised Onion
  • Lorraine
  • Cherry Tomato, Rocket & Feta (V)

Muffin Break caters for all dietary needs, including gluten-free menu options.

Check today’s cabinet for the freshly baked selection on offer.

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Give lunchtime a little luxury – at Muffin Break
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