Sep 2013

Give Your Skin a Head Start This Summer With No Show Ponies’ New Cellulite-Blasting Scrub!

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Say good bye to cellulite this summer with New No Show Ponies all-natural scrub.

NSPJandals? Check. Statement bikini? Check. New cellulite-blasting No Show Ponies scrub? Check!

Summer’s coming, and today’s busy world means a girl needs a quick and efficient way to get her skin glowing fast!

Enter new all-natural No Show Ponies scrub, the perfect way to bid farewell to cellulite and say a warm welcome to silky smooth summer skin.

With its carefully selected combination of skin-saving ingredients, the new No Show Ponies scrub will have you confidently perching poolside or sauntering along the tide line quicker than you can say Baywatch!

This clever scrub helps to combat cellulite with its use of caffeine, a powerful antioxidant which leaves skin feeling firm and noticeably smoother, boosting bikini confidence.

The sugar cane in No Show Ponies scrub will make your summer a little sweeter by perfectly exfoliating and conditioning the skin to give it a beautiful glow and you’ll be posting selfies before you know it!

Topping off the indulgent ingredients is sweet almond oil, a rich source of vitamin E, which promises to hydrate, soften and calm your skin, while a pinch of mineral salts helps to cleanse and de-stress the skin in a detoxification process.

Best of all, No Show Ponies scrub is easy to use – you simply apply two small handfuls of the nourishing scrub in circular motions to damp skin, concentrating on your target area.

For those of you wanting to make a real impression this summer maximise your results by letting the No Show Ponies scrub dry for five to ten minutes before rinsing off.

And if you think this new product is designed by some nerdy, male scientists in a lab, who may not know as much about cellulite as we women do then you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

No Show Ponies was created by two mums, Leisha and Michelle Anderson, who wanted to create a gorgeous scrub for Kiwi women to help them combat cellulite and feel refreshed for summer.

“We were looking for a product that was affordable and worked quickly, helping us to look and feel better for warmer months ahead,” Leisha says.

“This led us to conduct some research into almond oil/hydration and coffee grind/cellulite to formulate an offering which would help Kiwi women to prepare for summer by helping them to achieve smooth and cellulite-free skin.”

And the news just keeps getting better; No Show Ponies scrub is 100% natural and contains no added chemicals!

So make this summer your smoothest yet with No Show Ponies scrub available in a 70g tub for $6.99 and in a 200g tub for $16.99 at (www.noshowponies.co.nz). Postage costs $5 worldwide.

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Give Your Skin a Head Start This Summer With No Show Ponies’ New Cellulite-Blasting Scrub!
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