Jul 2012

Guilt-free Pizza? You Bet With Domino’s New Good Choice Range!

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Are you craving some guilt-free pizza? You bet with Domino’s new Good Choice range this is exactly what you can have!

This delicious new range is made up of nutritionally-balanced, healthier options so you can satisfy your taste buds whenever you want without the worry!
It’s miserable outside and all you want to do is indulge in some yummy comfort food, but the pangs of guilt stop you, right? Wrong! Make the most of guilt-free indulgence and warm up your taste buds this chilly season, with Domino’s New Good Choice Range!
A delicious new and improved selection of nutritionally-balanced, healthier options, Domino’s new Good Choice range means you can eat your favourite pizza, guilt-free! Domino’s new Good Choice range lets you enjoy the pizza you love, without the guilt and without compromising on flavour.
With three exciting options available in Domino’s new Good Choice range, your pizza cravings will be spoilt for choice. First up is the Domino’s Good Choice 97% fat free range, proven to contain less than 3% fat per pizza!
Delectable options in the Domino’s 97% fat free range include Chicken Napolitana, BBQ Chicken & Pineapple and Prawn with Cherry Tomatoes & Basil all made using your favourite Domino’s ingredients, including the tastier 30% reduced fat aged mozzarella, and served up on the delicious thin n crispy base. Loaded with fresh veggies and lean proteins (with more toppings than most of Domino’s regular pizzas!) these pizzas taste great and don’t compromise on quantity or the fun of the pizza sharing experience with friends!
And if you’ve always been a carb counter, get a load of new Domino’s Good Choice Low Carb Crust. We like to think of it as the holy grail of pizza a healthier, yet still loaded with taste pizza that doesn’t compromise on flavour!
Domino’s new Low Carb Meatlovers contains only 10.46 grams of carbs per 100 grams verse the regular Meatlovers on Classic Crust which contains 42.9 grams of carbs.
This genius new crust is also available with any of the current Domino’s toppings, so you can enjoy your favourite takeaway without the carb overload.
Domino’s New Zealand General Manager, Josh Kilimnik, says the Domino’s new Good Choice range signifies the company’s commitment to giving consumers the opportunity to choose the pizza that works for them and their lifestyle.
“Domino’s new Good Choice range is all about great taste and customer satisfaction. We want our customers to enjoy our products without the guilt yet also without compromising on the great taste they know and love from Domino’s.”
“Fat free can often mean that the fat has just been replaced by something else not so great for you, such as a lot of sugar. So it’s no longer just about what you take out that’s important, but what’s going in. That’s why fresh, real ingredients are so important to us here at Domino’s,” says Kilimnik.
For more information, visit www.dominospizza.co.nz

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Guilt-free Pizza? You Bet With Domino’s New Good Choice Range!
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