Aug 2011

Hoyts to Launch New Frontier in Kiwi Movie Experience

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Hoyts to Launch New Frontier in Kiwi Movie Experience a new state of the art cinema technology has opened in New Zealand.


A new state-of-the-art cinema complex is set to revolutionise the way Kiwis see their movies when it opens its doors today with the world premiere of Billy T.

Hoyts Te Rapa, which is situated at The Base shopping centre in Hamilton, will be New Zealand’s first fully digital cinema complex offering the ground-breaking D-Box technology– realistic motion effects in theatre seats which move in sync with onscreen action.

The multiplex will also offer moviegoers the choice of six 3-D capable screens, 1500 seats and the latest Dolby 7.1 surround sound which uses eight discrete audio channels to establish four surround zones in each theatre.

The General Manager of Hoyts New Zealand, Brian Eldridge, says the multimillion dollar cinema complex has taken two years to develop and will provide jobs for up to 80 staff.

“Hamilton is a growing population and is the country’s fourth largest city, providing the perfect opportunity for the expansion of Hoyts Cinemas. We wanted to give the local region a cinema complex which would rival anything found either here or overseas,” Eldridge says.

Eldridge says the largest auditorium at the complex, which seats 450 people, will have the country’s biggest digital screen at 26 metres wide.

“This is second only in total size to Hoyts Sylvia Park, which holds the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest 35mm screen in the world at 30.5 metres,” he says.


The complex will also boast added extras including private lounges, in theatre dining, luxury reclining chairs and a food emporium.

“In order to make a night out at the movies a complete experience we’ve focused on the importance of culinary dining and incorporated a food emporium with an ice-cream parlour, wine cellar, delicatessen serving cheese platters and antipasto platters, candy dispensary and gourmet hot dogs,” Eldridge says.

Eldridge says with its dual-purpose cinema and function room the new complex will also be attractive to businesses looking for a venue to host events.

For more information visit www.hoyts.co.nz



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Hoyts to Launch New Frontier in Kiwi Movie Experience
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