Dec 2012

Iconic Kiwi Juice Brand Celebrates 50 Years

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Iconic Kiwi Juice Brand Celebrates 50 Years- Kiwi juice company Fresh Up is celebrating 50 years.

fresh_department_landscapeNew Zealand’s largest juice manufacturer is celebrating 50 years in the business this month thanks to some Kiwi ingenuity which saw it turn surplus apples into juice half a century ago.

Frucor, which owns iconic Kiwi juice brand Fresh Up, has been quenching the thirst of New Zealanders for five decades. And in a little known fact, one of the country’s most well-known brands has been revealed to have been created from something as simple as surplus apples.

Displaying the Kiwi ingenuity Fresh Up has become synonymous with, the Apple and Pear Growers Board faced a dilemma when, in 1962, truckloads of leftover fruit posed a potential problem. The decision not to throw out the fruit, but to use the juice, package it and make a refreshing canned beverage created the Fresh Up brand and what was to become the staple New Zealand juice.

In 1962 the first-ever single Fresh-Up manufacturing line created 1000 cans per day which had to be opened at home with a can opener. Today more than seven million packs of juice are produced every year.

The brand also has a rich heritage of famous faces all putting their spin on how best to enjoy the Fresh Up taste including Kiwi sporting greats like Sir John Walker, Marc Ellis and Matthew Ridge, Annelise Coberger and New Zealand cricketer Geoff Howarth.

It’s hard to forget the memorable catch phrase delivered in a Fresh Up advertisement in 1978 by the darling of the track field Sir John Walker, who, while drinking a can of Fresh Up, told Kiwis “It’s gotta be good for you”. And in a surprising revelation, the slogan delivered by Walker arguably one of New Zealand’s most iconic advertising phrases was a product not of great advertising minds, but created by Walker himself.

In an effort to quicken the process, Walker deviated from his given lines and told the Fresh Up filming crew ‘Look guys, it’s just gotta be good for you!’ a catch-cry that stayed with the brand until the 1990s.

During this time, Fresh Up moved away from positioning itself as a sports drink of choice for committed athletes, to the refreshing option for the weekend warrior and the revived Fresh Up was personality born. Advertising campaigns depicted Kiwi blokes taking part in extreme speed golf, wearing suits made out of Pink Batts and running after a Fresh Up can, as well as Marc and Matthew jumping off a waterfall.

With a proud history as a cold drinks innovator, Frucor is also renowned for its familial culture and longevity of staff. Four members of the Frucor team combine more than 115 years’ experience at the company and speak highly of the culture at the organisation.

Joel Reichardt Brand Manager for Fresh Up, says the decision made 50 years ago to use surplus apples to create a product with longevity, is something the company is hugely proud of.

“Celebrating 50 years of Fresh Up in New Zealand is both nostalgic and rewarding. It is a juice that has its roots firmly entrenched in Kiwi inventiveness and positivity.”

“During Fresh Up’s lifespan there have been over 12 flavour variants, but one thing has remained the same the logo and colours consistency which has ensured the brand is a staple in many Kiwi households,” says Reichardt.

And with some exciting initiatives planned for 2013, Fresh Up looks set to continue its refreshing success for many years to come.

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Iconic Kiwi Juice Brand Celebrates 50 Years
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