Dec 2012

Its Still Gotta Be Good For You! Kiwi Favourite Fresh Up Celebrates 50 Years

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Fresh Up is set to celebrate its 50th birthday with a limited edition commemorative can offering customers 20% extra juice for free in the two most popular flavours, Original Apple, and Apple and Orange.

freshupYoung or old, every Kiwi remembers that refreshingly frank one-liner “Its gotta be good for you!” delivered to us by none other than New Zealand sporting legend John Walker as he popped the top off a crisp, cold can of Fresh Up.

And now the ever-popular New Zealand juice brand is set to blow out the candles on 50 years of keeping juice lovers happy, celebrating by giving Kiwis more of what they love, a limited edition commemorative 20% extra free can in the two favourite flavours, Original Apple and Apple and Orange.

From the reliably tasty Apple & Orange, Original Apple, Apple & Blackcurrant and Crisp Apple, to innovative flavour combinations such as Apple & Mango, Apple & Nectarine and Apple & Feijoa, Fresh Up has always been the juice of choice for active Kiwis.

With numerous famous New Zealanders starring in Fresh Up’s ad campaigns which we’ve come to know and love, the juice has long been associated with sun, fun and sport. From the legendary John Walker who coined the juice’s iconic phrase “Its gotta be good for you”, to alpine skiing medallist Annelise Coberger, New Zealand Cricketer Geoff Howarth and New Zealand’s favourite naughty boys of sport Marc Ellis and Matthew Ridge Fresh Up has been keeping Kiwis fresh and refreshed for half a century!

Fresh Up Brand Manager Joel Reichardt, says celebrating 50 years of juice making in New Zealand is a hugely exciting and rewarding time for the company.

“As a juice brand that Kiwis know and love, Fresh Up has earned a place in the hearts and tastebuds of the people of Aotearoa. We’re thrilled that juice drinkers across the country continue to believe what John Walker told us all those years ago that Fresh Up has gotta be good for you!”

Fresh Up Limited Edition Commemorative 20% Extra Free cans 440ml are available in two flavours; Original Apple and Apple & Orange, (RRP $2.60). The full range of Fresh Up includes delicious, apple-based variants; Apple & Orange (1L and 3L); Original Apple (1L and 3L), Apple & Blackcurrant (1L and 3L), Crisp Apple (1L and 3L); Apple & Mango (1L); Apple & Nectarine (1L and 3L) and Apple & Feijoa (1L).

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Its Still Gotta Be Good For You! Kiwi Favourite Fresh Up Celebrates 50 Years
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