Feb 2011

Just Juice with Veges Launch Reconfirms Brand Position as Market Leader

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Just Juice with Veges Launch Reconfirms Brand Position as Market Leader a new range of products has proven highly successful for one of the country’s most popular beverage brands.


Just Juice has today announced significant revenue growth, buoyed by almost $1 million in sales from the new Just Juice with Veges line extension within the first six months of launch*1.

A standout market leader, Just Juice has enjoyed phenomenal success with its latest product offering, with launch demand causing the product to sell out on shelf within its first few days.

Senior Brand Manager for Just Juice, Amanda Lyon, says the Vegetable Juice category was declining by -9%2 in the quarter prior to the launch of Just Juice with Veges, after four years of growth3. According to Lyon, in the last 26 weeks, the category has grown by an impressive +31%.4

“Just Juice is proud to announce we have had a great summer with profits up, new innovations like Just Juice with Veges on shelf and even more exciting new product developments yet to come,” says Lyon.

“The new range was created not as a replacement to fresh fruit and vegetables, but rather as a quick and convenient way for families to get an additional serve of fruit and vegetables throughout their busy day. Just Juice with Veges has proved to be a huge success story for our company,” says Lyon.

Just Juice with Veges achieved 23% share of the Vegetable Juice category in total supermarkets in the quarter ending 30 January 20115 – the first full quarter since launch. Just Juice is Frucor’s second largest brand, boasting a market share of 26%6 in supermarkets and enjoying 61%7 share in service stations. Frucor is a significant force in Shelf Stable juice, with 44% share.8

Since launching in 1981, Just Juice established itself as a beverage company that Kiwis know and love. Now entering its 30th year, Just Juice is a hugely successful and trusted New Zealand brand that enjoys the position of the country’s top-selling fruit juice, with 100% awareness and status as the second most recalled beverage brand**.

“So instantly popular was Just Juice when it was launched in 1981, New Zealanders’ consumption of fruit juice almost trebled over the next three years!” says Lyon. The brand’s continued success is evident today, with the grocery industry regarding the Just Juice launch as one of the most successful in the country’s history.

“The Just Juice brand is consistently supported by significant investment in innovative advertising, consumer insights and adding value,” says Lyon. An example of this is the current consumer promotion to celebrate 30 years of summer with Just Juice.

‘Relive your favourite summer’ is a promotion that aims to strike at the heart of New Zealanders and all the things that make up a great Kiwi summer.

Playing up the brand’s iconic Kiwi heritage Just Juice also relaunched the much loved Caribbean Just Juice flavour to coincide with the celebration of 30 years of summer.

With numerous brand innovations planned for the coming year, continued growth will be supported by new and exciting product offerings for juice lovers, says Lyon. “The Just Juice brand will continue to move forward with more flavours added to the range to whet Kiwis appetite for the juice they know and love.”

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Just Juice with Veges Launch Reconfirms Brand Position as Market Leader
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