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Just Like a Stylish Pair of Cufflinks, Great Hair Never Goes Out of Fashion

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Just Like a Stylish of Cufflinks, Great Hair Never Goes Out of Fashion


Just like a stylish pair of cufflinks, great hair never goes out of fashion.  No matter what hairstyle you’re looking to sport this season, Head & Shoulders will help ensure it’s in the best possible condition with Hair Retain for men.

The first in the range specifically designed to help address men’s hair needs, Head & Shoulders Hair Retain shampoo works to help you keep your hair* by helping to remove dandruff.

Head & Shoulders Scientific Communications representative Rene Rust says it’s no secret that men often have other things on their mind rather than caring for their hair.

“Some men tend to wash their hair vigorously with harsh cleansers such as soap or shower gel instead of good quality shampoo. This pattern of behavior tends to change when men realise that they are losing their hair due to damage and breakage and how important a full head of hair is,” he says.

“At Head & Shoulders we know that men’s hair needs special treatment to make the most of it, so we have designed new Hair Retain especially suited to men’s hair.

New Zealand expert trichologist Nigel Russell says men require products specifically tailored to their needs, rather than grabbing whatever is in the shower caddy.

“Hair grows approximately 1cm each month. The tip of a 30cm long hair will therefore have been exposed to the environment for around 30 months,” he says.

“Strong conditioning agents will be needed to help prevent split ends and hair breakage. In contrast, men with short hair benefit more from conditioning agents that are light and will not weigh the hair down.”


Many people worldwide suffer from an unhealthy scalp or dandruff (which causes itching and scratching) in varying levels. Recent Head & Shoulders studies have shown that after a relatively short time of scratching, the cuticle cells on the hair surface (which represent the protective layer of hair) can be substantially damaged, sometimes breaking altogether.

Head & Shoulders Hair Retain features VitaZinc technology, a tailored blend of conditioning ingredients and an invigorating ‘For Men’ fragrance.

Specially formulated for men who are looking for a product that help meet their needs, Hair Retain shampoo not only reduces flakes from the first wash but also smoothes the scalp, slows down hair fall due to dandruff and breakage and provides hair care and protection.

New Head & Shoulders Hair Retain for Men shampoo (RRP $5.99) will be available In April 2010. All Head & Shoulders products are available nationwide in supermarkets and pharmacies.

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Just Like a Stylish Pair of Cufflinks, Great Hair Never Goes Out of Fashion
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