May 2012

Kiwi Avocado Company Wants Slice of Billion Dollar Food Service Market

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Kiwi avocado company wants slice of billion dollar food service market with their aim to encourage consumers to support locally grown produce.

Fressure Foods LogoFressure Foods is aiming to switch food trade organisations in New Zealand to source local avocados rather than importing them in from overseas.
A New Zealand owned avocado company has targeted the billion dollar food service market, with a goal to switch consumers from imported to locally grown produce.
Fressure Foods, a mainly grower-owned organisation, is encouraging Kiwi food trade companies to source locally produced avocados wherever possible to support local farmers and meet with growing consumer demand.
Currently the imported avocado industry in New Zealand is valued at around $1 million and around 200 tonnes of the fruit are brought into the country each year.
Fressure Foods CEO, Graeme Laurence, says this quantity of imported produce is no longer necessary and is negatively impacting local growers.
“Until fairly recently, we relied on countries like Mexico for avocados because they utilise a technology which helps to prolong the life of the fruit.  But last year, Fressure Foods introduced this same food processing technology into New Zealand which dramatically extends the shelf life of avocados without the use of any chemicals or additives,” Laurence says.
“We’re able to increase the shelf life of avocado spreads and guacamole to 60 days. The UHP is also an environmentally friendly process and does not affect the texture, flavour, consistency or nutrients in the fruit,” he says.
A number of local quick service restaurants have already embraced the strategy, using only New Zealand grown avocados in their burritos and burgers.
Mexicali Fresh representative Tyler Kerlin says that it is important for them to support other local businesses.
“As a Kiwi company, we understand the importance of utilising home-grown products wherever we can. Our customers also want food and ingredients that come from New Zealand and not abroad because they trust that it will be fresh and of premium quality.It’s quite simply an expectation and it’s important that we meet consumer demand,” Kerlin says.
Avocado Industry Council CEO Jen Scoular says the introduction of UHP technology by Fressure Foods adds value for New Zealand avocado growers by producing a high value product from process grade fruit.

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Kiwi Avocado Company Wants Slice of Billion Dollar Food Service Market
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