Jun 2010

Kiwi Charities to Benefit from Online Shopping

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Kiwi Charities to Benefit from Online Shopping a new ecommerce site is helping local charities.


A new online bargain site with a conscience has launched giving customers the chance to help local charities simply by shopping at its 24 hour online store.

DaySale.co.nz was created by Search and Rescue volunteer Hamish Pirie who wanted to help support some of the country’s under-funded charities by capitalizing on Kiwis love of online shopping.

Pirie, who also volunteers with the Summit Rescue Helicopter, says he is well-aware of the pressure for resources facing many of our charitable organisations and hopes DaySale.co.nz efforts will go some way in supporting them.

Each day up to four heavily discounted items are listed for online bargain hunters with a percentage of the proceeds from one of the product lines featured then donated to a local charity registered with the site.

In just four weeks kind New Zealand shoppers have donated $1,213 to Plunket, RNZSPCA, Land Search & Rescue and CanTeen, says Pirie.

“I saw this as a great opportunity to promote some of the not for profit groups within the community and to reward them for the great work that they do,” he says.

“My involvement with Search and Rescue has shown me how rewarding it can be to be part of a team of dedicated people who are committed to helping others and making a difference in their lives,” says Pirie.

Pirie says customers who subscribe to DaySale.co.nz can be assured the money from each charity sale goes to the nominated organisation and there are no handling or promotional fees and in many cases we even add to the donations.

Sales are made on a first in first served basis and savings can be made on a range of products including; cosmetics, sporting goods, toys, clothing, footwear, electronics, homeware and consumables.

Pirie sources the products locally and internationally at reduced prices and says he is able to do so because of his ability to bulk order and receive large discounts.

Charities who are interested in receiving donations from the site can register online with new charities regularly featured.

For more information on DaySale.co.nz’s charitable donations or to find out more about how DaySale.co.nz works, visit www.daysale.co.nz

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Kiwi Charities to Benefit from Online Shopping
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