Jul 2013

Kiwi Marketers to Gain Unprecedented Control over Campaigns

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Optimizer HQ and ReturnPath have joined forces to offer Kiwi email marketing companies more control over their email marketing campaigns in the New Zealand market.

Kiwi marketing companies are set receive unprecedented control over theirEmail Marketing campaigns through an advanced email service provided by industry leaders Optimizer HQ and ReturnPath.

New Zealand cloud technology company, Optimizer HQ, has partnered with email intelligence leader ReturnPath to offer Kiwi marketers specialist email marketing analytics and optimization assistance.

The innovative email service provided by the companies will allow customers of Maxmail, Optimizer HQ’s s flagship email marketing product, to radically improve their inbox rates and access greater intelligence across their campaigns.

Optimizer Chief Technology Officer, Jaron Turnbull, says that the partnership with ReturnPath will provide huge speed and deliverability improvements for senders; not to mention unparalleled transparency.

“It all comes down to increased deliverability. Having visibility across providers, meaning you know exactly where your mail is going, what your inbox rates are, and being able to view complaints directly, will allow email marketers new control over their campaigns,” he says.

“Now, our clients will know exactly what their delivery rates are, and to whom. They can proactively monitor their reputation levels and really drill down into those important send and receive metrics.”

In addition to greater email penetration, the new service will provide sophisticated functionality for marketers, including competitor tracking and priority treatment for Maxmail users, says Turnbull.

“While these benefits will be apparent for all Maxmail customers, we suspect that larger brands will be most profoundly affected,” he says.

For more information on Optimizer HQ visit www.optimizerhq.com

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Kiwi Marketers to Gain Unprecedented Control over Campaigns
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