Nov 2012

Kiwi Tween Face of International Toy

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Jasmine Pinfold is an eleven year old girl who has been chosen as the face for an international adverising campaign for award winning toy MEEP!

AdvertisingSidebarA young Kiwi musical talent is the new face of an international advertising campaign for what’s tipped to be the best selling toy this Christmas.
Eleven-year-old Jasmine Pinfold will star in a series of commercials for an Android tablet specially designed for children which features educational games, ebooks, apps, movies and music. Pinfold attended Cambridge East Primary School until the age of six, when she moved to Hong Kong with her family.  She has now been announced as the international face of award winning toy MEEP! featuring in its advertising campaign and on all product packaging. Jasmine’s face will be on millions of the MEEP! tablets but despite her rising international fame she says that she’ll always be a Waikato girl at heart. _We come back every July and August for holidays and to see my grandparents, who still live in Cambridge. I really miss them and also all my friends. I miss heaps of Kiwi food like feijoas, fruit from my granddad’s farm in Cambridge, pavlova, lamb and lollies that you can only get in NZ.” She still has fond memories of her time in NZ, and reconnects with her old friends when she is back here for school holidays. “I love snowboarding, lying on the beach, playing with the horses in the grass and just playing with my friends and singing and dancing outside,” she says. Proud father Sean Pinfold says that the entire family is thrilled at Jasmine’s success and thinks she has a bright future ahead of her. “Like all fathers, I’m probably a bit biased but we are so proud of Jasmine and really pleased to see her as the international face of MEEP! She also has such a beautiful singing voice, and we are working on helping her achieve her goals. There are many exciting opportunities in Hong Kong, and we are excited to see where she goes next we just want her to do whatever makes her happy,” he says. The Kiwi girl is ambitious, and has said she’d like to pursue a singing career. So far, she has been booked for a couple of weddings in the upcoming summer.
“I always liked singing but I really started when I joined the primary school senior choir. I’ve done a couple of solos and also got through the auditions for the chamber choir. I sang at my uncle’s wedding in LA, he’s a professional drummer with a band called London Cries and my grandfather from my Dad’s side, who still lives in Cambridge, is also a drummer.” Jasmine Pinfold says the MEEP! tablet is great for kids because it is a way for them to explore the world of tablet laptops safely.
“It’s got child safety on it which means mums and dads can control what their kids get to see. The games are the best part though, there are so many of them and they’re really fun!” The MEEP! tablet is Wi-Fi enabled, with zForce touchscreen technology and a durable design which features an enhanced-rubber sillicon sleeve for added protection, Cloud-based parental control accessible from any adult PC, smartphone or tablet with a web browser and the ability to buy virtual coins for use in the MEEP! store to allocate to kids for apps, treats and rewards. MEEP!’s NZ product manager John Whittaker says that the MEEP! tablet is a one-stop entertainment unit for the whole family. “This is the perfect gift for Santa to bring as it’s not just all fun and games, it’s also about education and online safety. “We’re confident that Kiwis will love MEEP! and it’s especially versatile on a summer road trip! You can set up the kids in the backseat with an interactive game for two with the Game Pro Case and you’re away laughing,” says Whittaker.
The MEEP! tablet has received international accolades including the acclaimed Grand Prix du Jouet 2012 (Toy Awards), along with coveted inclusions in the Top Toy Trends of 2012 and Top Toy Lists. For more information visit meeptablet.com

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Kiwi Tween Face of International Toy
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