Sep 2012

Kiwi’s To Become Virtual Chefs with iPad App

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Kiwi’s To Become Virtual Chefs with iPad App- Domino’s has released their very own iPad ordering application.

dominosHD-729-410-620x349Kiwis can now be their very own pizza chef, without even stepping into the kitchen, thanks to the launch of a new Domino’s iPad ordering application. The iPad app exclusively features ‘Pizza Chef’, a creative feature for customers to make and see their perfect pizza in a fun and interactive way. Domino’s Online Marketing Director Michael Gillespie said Domino’s is able to explore new ways of transforming the ordering experience thanks to the power and features the iPad offers. “We are excited to unveil our dedicated iPad ordering app! Customers can now place their order through one of seven digital platforms, each with their own unique features,” says Gillespie.

“The new iPad app is a lot of fun thanks to our innovative ‘Pizza Chef’ function. It allows customers to visually create their favourite pizza by dragging their favourite toppings onto a virtual pizza and see what it looks like before placing an order. “It’s all about making the user experience more enriched and exciting. The iPad was the perfect platform for us to really push the boundaries of how people can order through technology,” says Gillespie.

Once a customer creates a pizza in ‘Pizza Chef’ they can place their order directly with their local store and have the creation made fresh to order.

Gillespie says the iPad app gives customers a whole new level of control, while still offering a fully-functional and mobile way to place a Domino’s order.

“It’s important for us to give as much control to our customers as possible; it makes the ordering experience much more enjoyable. Technology has allowed us to do this and we are seeing great results.” Currently more than 50% of Domino’s sales are through online, with mobile devices making up 40% of the digital business.

With today’s launch of the iPad app, Domino’s is confident of increasing online sales to 80% of the business within the new three years. As well as using ‘Pizza Chef’, iPad customers can view the full Domino’s menu, access the latest deals and view their order process through a new version of Pizza Tracker which includes an interactive and themed experience.

The Domino’s iPad app can be downloaded for free from the App Store from today. Domino’s Pizza employs more than 21,000 team members across Australia, New Zealand, France, Belgium and The Netherlands and makes more than 60 million pizzas a year.

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Kiwi’s To Become Virtual Chefs with iPad App
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