Jul 2013

Dr. Klaus Platz – Organ Transplants in NZ Could be Sped Up by New Research

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Doctor Klaus Platz, a local specialist in the transplantation of organs believes that new technology under development may eliminate the requirement for transplant surgery.

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A new scientific discovery may remove the necessity for Kiwi organ donors, speeding up the transplant process for distressed New Zealanders awaiting surgery, says transplant expert Dr Klaus Platz.

A group of Japanese scientists recently created the world’s first functioning liver grown from stem cells, which were then transplanted into mice.

Dr Platz says this could mean that desperately ill Kiwis won’t have to endure a long wait for a transplant organ in the future.

“This is a hugely exciting discovery for the medical industry,” he says. “It means that one day New Zealanders needing a transplant may no longer be dependent on the availability of a transplant organ from a donor.”

“Ultimately, this would cut down the time frame around them receiving the transplant they desperately need, which will inevitably have a positive impact on their mental health,” says Dr Klaus Platz.

The Colorectal Fellow and Surgical Registrar of the Department of Surgery at Waikato Hospital says Kiwis could benefit largely from this new research, given the rise of obesity in NZ.

“Obesity is an ever-growing problem in NZ which can lead to liver problems. These problems can be rectified more readily if there are stem cell-grown organs available to patients.”

Doctor Klaus Platz says liver diseases can also be the result of family inherited diseases and metabolic diseases.

The stem cell-grown liver was created by using three types of cell that generate the liver in a human embryo. This was used to grow a tiny piece of tissue in a dish which was grafted on to a mouse’s brain, and hooked up to the blood supply.

The scientists who made the discovery say the research may be ready for clinical trials in the next 10 years.

For more information on liver transplantation, visit a public education site on the topic www.klausplatz.co.nz.

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Dr. Klaus Platz – Organ Transplants in NZ Could be Sped Up by New Research
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