Sep 2014

Laundry Colour Transfers giving you the run around? Dylon will make it all white.

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Thanks to the latest in Dylon technology you can now return colour stained whites to their former glory with the brands Colour Run Remover for Whites

Dylon Colour Run Remover 25gWe’ve all experienced that dreaded laundry moment. The one where you retrieve your crisp whites from the wash cycle and realise that, to your horror, a rogue coloured creation has let loose across the entire load.

But thanks to the latest in Dylon technology, this little slip-up doesn’t have to spell the end of an era for your beloved once were whites. You can now return them to their former glory with Dylon’s Colour Run Remover for Whites (RRP $4.95) – an easy to use colour run reverser that can save you (and your wallet) from the worry of replacing tainted items of clothing.

With the Colour Run Remover you can work a little laundry magic and not only reclaim your pristine whites but also say goodbye and good riddance to colour stains for good!

One sachet is sufficient to treat up to 500g of fabric (about two shirts) and is suitable for all washable fabrics including wool and silk. The non-chlorine bleach formula will not damage or yellow fabrics and is okay to use on items with printed logos or images.

The Dylon Colour Run Remover sachets can be used in Washing Machines or in Handwash scenarios – each providing the same high quality results.

In a world when mistakes are simply going to happen, isn’t it nice to know that in some instances we can take back control, turn back the clock, and making things all white again.

Dylon® Colour Run Remover for Whites is available from supermarkets and Spotlight stores nationwide. https://www.facebook.com/dylonnz/info

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