May 2014

Man-proof your laundry and create a beautiful relationship with your bloke and the laundry basket

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The Dylon Colour Catcher is a handy laundry accessory which can be added to a washing machine where it attracts loose dye particles preventing them from staining other laundry items.

Dylon-Colour-CatcherThere comes a time in every relationship when couples need to get serious about eliminating disappointment, wasted dollars and the inevitable discussion that comes after the bleak discovery of colour transfer in your laundry wash!

The load your bloke put on.

Now you and your clothing can be at ease throughout each laundry wash with Dylon’s clever Colour Catcher – a revolutionary sheet that prevents colour runs, allowing mixed colour washes and no-risk loads of laundry New Zealand-wide. And it’s so simple to use, perhaps even the kids could start doing their own washing…?

Dylon’s Colour Catcher is an anti-transfer sheet that you simply place at the back of the washing machine drum before loading dirty clothing.

The way it works is particularly clever; it’s all down to physics! Clothing dye contains negative ions whereas Dylon’s Colour Catcher sheets are positively charged.

And if science wasn’t your best subject at school that means that throughout the wash cycle any loose dye and dirt is attracted to the Colour Catcher sheet like a magnet, rather than mingling with other clothing.

Your whites will stay crisp, brights stay bold and you’ll save on the number of washes you do – with Colour Catcher your laundry woes will be a thing of the past.

Already used and loved by over one million households internationally, the evolutionary Colour Catcher sheet is bound to simplify your life and save you from any laundry disasters.

There’s also another bonus, you’ll no longer have to shell out the dollars for replacement clothing that’s been ruined in the wash …

All the more money for shoes, we say!

Dylon Colour Catcher (RRP $7.49) is available from supermarkets and Spotlight stores nationwide.

For more information and an online demonstration of how your laundry problems can be solved visit www.colourcatcher.co.nz  https://www.facebook.com/dylonnz/info

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Man-proof your laundry and create a beautiful relationship with your bloke and the laundry basket
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