Apr 2013

Masport Sales to Double with US Export Deal

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Masport Sales to Double with US Export Deal- Masport sales have doubles due to the new trade deal with major US distributor.

BRC_1879-300x198 Iconic New Zealand mower brand Masport has its sights set to more than double its sales to the lucrative North American market with the announcement of a significant trade deal.

The new distribution contract with major US distributor IDN, will give Masport a greater foothold in the US and Canadian markets.

The Integrated Distributors Network (IDN), consists of six US and one Canadian outdoor power equipment distributor, and was founded in 2004 to provide an exclusive national distribution system to supply Briggs & Stratton’s parts to North American outdoor power garden servicing dealers.

Masport General Manager Steve Hughes says the export contract is major win for New Zealand’s leading manufacturer of lawn and garden outdoor power products.

Since signing the contract, the century old Kiwi company has already shipped 2000 mowers to the North American market so far this season, and expect to double that before the season ends in July, says Hughes.

“Masport already ships around 150,000 mowers to 42 countries around the world annually, the North American market has the potential to contribute considerably to lifting this total sales volume” he says.

Hughes says due to climatic factors North American customers cut their grass longer than consumers in other markets and Masport have embraced this requirement when designing mowers bound for this market.

“Americans cut their grass longer, Kiwi’s and Australian’s shorter and the Europeans are somewhere in the middle. Each market also has a completely different set of safety standards. This means we’ve had to create three entirely different product ranges and over 300 different models of machines, to sell into the world market,” says Hughes.

Through IDN, who sell to the US servicing dealer network, Masport mowers will be sold to high-end US customers wanting beautifully landscaped lawns, says Hughes.

For more information visit www.masport.co.nz

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Masport Sales to Double with US Export Deal
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