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More Kiwis Saying No to Dairy

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The demand for dairy alternatives prompts leaving cafè Muffin Break to opt for having no charge for customers choosing soy

HR_MB_Coffee_with_Soy_3_NoLogo-200x300We might be famous for our dairy products but Kiwis are fast becoming a nation of soy milk drinkers according to the latest statistics from the country’s largest cafè chain.

For those of us who do drink regular dairy milk 70% are choosing blue top milk and only 30% trim according to the same sales data.

Already companies such as Muffin Break are capitalising on this new trend and offering incentives for those customers choosing soy.

An initiative from Muffin Break to introduce no extra charge for soy also saw the company benefit from a significant rise in customer demand for soy milk.

Muffin Break’s no extra charge for soy or decaffeinated coffees has seen the demand for soy milk rise to over 20,000 litres per year with a 15 per cent growth since the introduction of the initiative.

And with Muffin Break announcing sales of milky beverages in excess of 3 million units in 2012 of which soy milk accounted for 70,000 units the company looks set to continue to capitalise on its strong position in the market.

The national brand manager for Muffin Break John Macphail says the growing trend for soy milk among its customers gave rise to the brand’s initiative to introduce no extra charge for soy.

“For every 42 cups of coffee sold with milk at Muffin Break, one is soy this demand from our customers means that a significant number have benefitted from our decision to cease to charge extra for soy milk and decaf coffees.

“We wanted to make sure that we were supporting our customers who drink soy and believe they shouldn’t have to pay extra for it, especially as around one in 10 Kiwis are lactose intolerant,” says Macphail.

For more information about Muffin Break, visit muffinbreak.co.nz

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More Kiwis Saying No to Dairy
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