Jul 2012

New Dentastix Bumper Pack for Happier, Healthier Dogs

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The new Dentastix Bumper Pack for happier, healthier dogs gives your canine friend the gift of a healthy smile, with 28 Dentastix chews for them to chow down on.

28-pack-1-223x300Show how much you care for man’s best friend and give your doggy pal the gift of healthy teeth with the new 28-pack DENTAStix™ Dental Chews now in a bigger bumper pack for the convenience of dog owners and dogs everywhere.
PEDIGREE® DENTAStix™ Dental Chews are part of a tasty triple action dental plan to keep your canine friend’s oral health in top condition. With research showing that 80% of dogs over the age of three are showing the first signs of gum disease*, it’s more important than ever to maintain your furry friend’s teeth and prevent serious health problems further down the road.
Veterinarian and Vetcare owner Dr Alex Melrose says that there are three important parts to pet oral health care: regular oral examinations, daily brushing and regular use of good quality dental chews.
Dog owners should watch out for signs of gum disease, which can include dogs going off their food, suddenly displaying less interest in chew toys and bad breath.
Bad dental hygiene can cause serious health problems in canines by spreading bacteria and infection to the blood stream, which can result in heart, liver and kidney disease increasing the cost of vet bills especially as the dog gets older.
PEDIGREE® DENTAStix™ Dental Chews have a unique patented ‘x-shape’ design that goes deep into the gum line and helps to clear up around 80% of tartar build-up which causes gum disease.
The new 28-pack DENTAStix™chews are designed to last longer between visits to the pet store or supermarket, and used daily, will help your dog improve his teeth and gums and put your mind at rest.
It is a convenient way to purchase a month’s supply of dental products and get a whopping 30 per cent discount in comparison to the previous, smaller DENTAStix™ 7-pack.

New PEDIGREE® DENTAStix™ 28-packs (RRP $17.99 – 720g for medium dogs and RRP $19.99 1.08kg for large dogs) are available in stores nationwide.
For more information about PEDIGREE® DENTAStix™ go to www.doggiedentures.co.nz

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New Dentastix Bumper Pack for Happier, Healthier Dogs
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