May 2011

New Fujifilm Finepix F550 EXR the Perfect Compact Anywhere in the World!

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A new camera launched by Fujifilm carries an inbuilt GPS, allowing consumers to find previously photographed locations.


Packed with features and loaded with some of the latest technological innovations, the new Fujifilm FinePix F550 EXR is set to take the world by storm!

A standout in the premium compact camera market, the new FinePix F550 EXR is the ideal camera for discerning point-and-shoot photographers. Or, if you’re an SLR user who likes to travel light – but don’t want to compromise image quality or picture-taking versatility, the Finepix F550 EXR is for you!

With its stylish design and sleek capacity to fit snugly in your pocket, the Finepix F550 EXR takes the perfect pictures – in every situation. Set to become the must-have compact this year, the Finepix F550 EXR follows in the footsteps of the award-winning FinePix F200 EXR and F300 EXR models, boasting exciting new features including a Fujifilm first – a built-in GPS!

No matter where you are in the world, the FinePix F550 EXR recognises your location with its built-in GPS, allowing you to quickly and easily find shots of a specific location or point of interest. And with a tag placed on each image you take, you can search for your desired location using place names.

And if you’re not a fan of reading maps, check out the FinePix F550 EXR Photo Navigation function – where you can find your way back to where your photo was taken!  So if there’s a particular restaurant or beach you’d like to return to, simply find the picture and the FinePix F550 EXR will provide the distance and direction you need to travel from your existing location to get back there – it couldn’t be easier!

The FinePix F550 EXR makes a fine travel buddy with its Route Logging function. Whether you want to re-trace your steps or map a route of your travels, the FinePix F550 EXR stores location data every 10 minutes* and, once the images are downloaded to your PC, a map of the route, along with the pictures you took along the way, is created using Google Maps.


With the FinePix F550 EXR you can still select from the three standard EXR shooting modes, or select the EXR Auto function and the FinePix F550 EXR will choose the best option itself! If you prefer to create your own destiny when it comes to shoot options, try one of the FinePix F550 EXR’s three different shoot modes – High Resolution, Dynamic Range and Signal to Noise.

The FinePix F550 EXR isn’t just clever; it’s quick as well, with a range of features to keep you up with the action, without compromising picture quality. And with the ability to shoot in RAW or in JPEG format (or both simultaneously), the FinePix F550EXR is the real deal if you want total control over your images.

It’s all about great things in small packages with the FinePix F550 EXR – yet not only is this camera incredibly compact, it also features an impressive 15x optical zoom. The FinePix F550 EXR zoom range extends from a wide-angle setting of 24mm through to 360mm, so you have the choice of beautiful, sweeping landscapes to tightly-cropped images of treasured family moments.

The FinePix F550 EXR creates stunning video memories with fantastic, Full HD and also encapsulates stereo sound for high quality audio. With the Fujifilm Finepix F550 EXR, your files are also compatible with a wide range of websites and applications, so you can easily share your videos online with friends and family all over the world!

And if it’s speedy video capture you’re after, the F550 EXR also offers a class-leading selection of high speed video capture options. Plus, the FinePix F550 EXR waves goodbye to pixellated menus and graphics, with a three inch rear LCD that doesn’t just benefit from an increased pixel count – now 460,000 – it also uses a brand new Rich User Interface, giving you the ultimate user experience!

The Finepix F550 EXR is available now at an RRP of $699 from leading photo specialists.

For more information visit www.fujifilm.co.nz

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New Fujifilm Finepix F550 EXR the Perfect Compact Anywhere in the World!
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