Oct 2012

New Green Insurance a First for NZ Businesses

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New Green Insurance a First for NZ Businesses- Environmentally- conscious business owners can now have an insurance policy that covers five-star green standard reconstruction.

James McGhie Managing Director.Apex General Ltd. Auckland. 3rd July 2012Environmentally-conscious business owners can now buy peace of mind with an insurance policy that covers five-star green standard reconstruction a first in New Zealand.

The policy has been created by private insurance broker Apex General in partnership with NZI, and covers commercial property loss, with a green twist.
Managing Director of Apex General James McGhie says that the policy is unique to the company and has a generous limit that is the widest available in the market right now.

“This policy covers fire, earthquakes in fact, all natural disasters where you get a total loss of commercial property. Basically you are insured for the reasonable costs you incur to upgrade the building with sustainable products.

“We have spoken to some of our most valuable customers who have told us that many business owners will actually choose to have more sustainable and environmentally-friendly premises if given a chance to rebuild. Green building materials can cost more initially, so we have made sure that the limit on this policy are double those available to others.”
McGhie says the policy will cover 10% of the actual cost of the rebuild to a five-star green standard approved by the Green Building Council, up to $500,000.

“If we are to use the example of Christchurch, in the event of an earthquake anywhere in the country and your business suffers a total loss you can then choose to rebuild your business using eco materials such as solar panels, wool insulation and green power sources. These are all things which will save your business money long-term, and keep your operating costs low.”
Apex General is a New Zealand-owned and managed business and part of the Sustainable Business Network (SBN). They are well on the way to becoming a Carbon Zero operation and support ongoing community projects in Rotoroa Island.
McGhie says that as a business, the company’s vision for the future is moving from an environmentally-friendly to a truly sustainable business model.

“We want our customers to know that we walk the talk. We have experienced a huge amount of growth in a short period of time and that’s because we think outside the box. When we were putting together this particular policy, we thought seriously about the needs of our commercial clients and then combined that with their aspirations to create a truly unique, tailored package which can be customised to suit any size of commercial property.

“From the owner who runs a business from home, to corporate clients with hundreds or perhaps even thousands of workers in the building. There’s something for everyone,” he says.

Apex General has been nominated for a New Zealand Innovation Award for their forward thinking, creativity and innovative skills.
For more information visit www.apexgeneral.co.nz

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New Green Insurance a First for NZ Businesses
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