Feb 2013

New Pizza Innovation Slides into NZ Market

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New Pizza Innovation Slides into NZ Market- Everyone gets to enjoy their favourite pizza with the Domino’s Pizza Sliders©.

The days of battling with your partner, flatmates or family over just which delicious Domino’s pizza to order are a thing of the past thanks to new Domino’s Pizza Sliders©.

Domino’s Pizza Sliders© feature a pack of four individually sized pizzas which means that everyone gets to enjoy their favourite Domino’s flavour every time they order!

Originating in Domino’s India, Domino’s Pizza Sliders© have been a global success with the category leader now making them available to pizza fans in New Zealand from Monday February 18.

Available in packs of four, the delicious, hand-held Pizza Sliders offer the choice and value customers are looking for says Domino’s General Manager NZ Josh Kilimnik.

The new Pizza Sliders are the perfect tapas box with one pack offering a customer the selection of Meatlovers, Supreme, Pepperoni and Hawaiian pizzas, says Kilimnik.

“We have specifically served up the top four favourite choices on our menu. These pizzas have been our best performing products for years and they really are synonymous with our brand when people think of pizza, they tend to think of these four selections.”

Kilimnik says the company has been working on perfecting the sliders range for some time, making sure that it would impress pizza consumers and taste just like the Domino’s Pizza customers know and love.

Domino’s Pizza Sliders© are cooked on our signature dough, made fresh daily in store and topped with premium quality ingredients like smoked leg ham, the best grilled beef, sweeter juicier pineapple and our classic pepperoni.

Domino’s Pizza Sliders© are similar in size to cheeseburgers and are available for customers for $4 dollars before 4pm and $5 after 4pm (pickup).

Kilimnik says the new product launch was about listening to what consumers wanted and providing a product that was innovative, convenient and most importantly tasty.

“We take many things into account when we are developing new products and this meets exactly what customers are looking for convenience, choice, quality, value and taste,” he says.

Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Ltd and its franchisees have 562 stores across Australia and New Zealand, employing more than 16,000 part-time and full-time staff and making more than 60 million pizzas each year. For more information about Domino’s please visit www.dominospizza.co.nz

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New Pizza Innovation Slides into NZ Market
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