Dec 2014

New ‘Pod Stay’ Concept Set to Ease Christchurch Accommodation Shortage

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The new tourism venture from local vehicle rental company Jucy will add another 272 rooms and introduce ‘micro-accommodation’ to the New Zealand market.

Jucy Snooze

An innovative new concept in short stay accommodation is set to ease a room shortage in Christchurch and bring an estimated 48 new jobs to the region.

The new tourism venture from local vehicle rental company Jucy will add another 282 beds and introduce ‘micro-accommodation’ to the New Zealand market.

Chief Jucyfier (CEO) Tim Alpe says there is a lack of low cost accommodation in the area immediately around the airport and reduced tourist numbers to the city.

He says now tourists will be able to stay for short periods between international flights or overnight.

“This type of accommodation is available overseas but there is nothing similar in New Zealand. Globally pod hotels have become increasingly popular and we wanted to bring the concept to this market.

“Having seen an opportunity for a low cost, short stay venue in Christchurch we have added our own Kiwi design elements to introduce a unique style of accommodation to the region – we’re calling the new class of hostel ‘Jucy Snooze’.

“Our primary target market is youth backpackers however with global trends changing the nature of this market we have designed the room layouts to suit low cost travellers, families, and even retired couples,” says Alpe.

Guests will be able to ‘self check in’ using a new type of technology and pay only for the time they stay.

That means tourists who just want a few hours sleep between connecting flights will not have to pay for a full day says Alpe.

“In particular there will be more emphasis on social sharing of communal spaces. The rooms won’t have television sets in them, visitors will be encouraged to come together in general use lounges. We will provide hot desks for casual web browsing, and give visitors a reason to come out of their rooms to socialise,” says Alpe.

Alpe says Jucy Snooze will be located within walking distance of Christchurch Airport and in close proximity to the new Spitfire Square retail shopping precinct which is currently under development.

More than 30 employees are expected to be employed in the construction of the building as well as a further 18 permanent staff tasked with it’s general operation.

Alpe says the building is made from an innovative modular construction system which will allow the company to manufacture some of it at its Auckland factory, and ship it to the site.

Alpe says Jucy Snooze is expected to open in early 2016.

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New ‘Pod Stay’ Concept Set to Ease Christchurch Accommodation Shortage
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