Dec 2009

New Treatment Set To Revolutionise NZ’s Cosmetic Surgery Industry

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An innovative new high definition liposuction technique has been introduced to the New Zealand market. Vaser Hi Definition Body Sculpting offers to shape and sculpt Kiwi Bodies.


A ground-breaking new liposuction procedure which promises to re-shape and re-sculpt Kiwi bodies is set to shake up New Zealand’s cosmetic surgery industry.

Vaser Hi Definition Body Sculpting is the next generation in advanced liposuction technique and the latest solution offered to an age old problem for patients wanting to rid themselves of unwanted fat.

The Vaser Hi Def procedure involves the removal of both deep and superficial fat to enhance the visibility of well-toned abdominal muscles underneath. Surgeons suggest the procedure is best suited to patients who have minimal to medium fat deposits and who have some muscle tone under their fat layers.

The key difference between Vaser Hi Def and traditional liposuction is that instead of thinning out the fat in certain parts of the body the surgeon works to sculpt existing fat to match the contours of the underlying muscle. Supporters of the technique say this can mean a more feminine, athletic physique for women, while men may be able to achieve obvious six-pack abs, oblique muscles and pecs.

Vaser Hi Def involves the use of ultrasound to liquefy fat before it’s suctioned out of the body with a small cannula or probe designed to minimize tissue trauma. Proponents say the new advanced key hole technique may leave nerves and blood vessels largely undisturbed which could mean less bruising for patients.

Originally developed in South America, Vaser Hi Def was refined by leading U.S cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr John Millard. His success with the revolutionary new procedure has been well documented in the United States with features on Good Morning America, Fox News, Extra and the NBC Today Show.

The innovative procedure is now available in New Zealand with the Skin Institute’s Dr Mark Gray, who trained with Dr Millard, the first specialist in Australasia qualified to perform the procedure and the only specialist able to perform the procedure in New Zealand.

Practitioners’ say results from Vaser Hi Def can be seen almost immediately with the best results visible after two to three months.

The recovery time for Vaser Hi Def is approximately seven days and most patients are able to return to the gym in two weeks.

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New Treatment Set To Revolutionise NZ’s Cosmetic Surgery Industry
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