Jun 2010

NZ Company Receives Global Support for Local Energy Management Solutions

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NZ Company Receives Global Support for Local Energy Management Solutions a local distributor has secured a significant energy management contract.


New Zealand is on the cusp of one of the biggest advances in energy management in decades, thanks to a contract awarded to energy solutions company Control4 NZ.

The unique five-year contract awarded to Control4 NZ from Control4 US reflects the significant potential in New Zealand for energy solutions, as well as the New Zealand distributor’s dedication to the energy management industry.

Control4 offer consumer’s energy solutions such as Home Automation technology – technology that links and controls the electronics and systems in the home – lighting, security, music and entertainment – through one easy-to-use interface.

Chief Executive officer of Control4 New Zealand Dean Franklin says the company plans to bring innovative ‘smart meter’ technology to New Zealand – a simple way for consumers to manage their energy use, and enjoy the cheaper energy rate potential this technology promises to unlock.

“We look forward to offering Kiwis a greater choice when it comes to managing their home energy requirements.”

Franklin’s US counterpart Richard Walker says Control4 US is excited about the untapped energy opportunities in New Zealand.

“The work to date in building the energy management market has laid the foundations for a long-term strategy to take New Zealand into the next frontier for energy management solutions.”

“The five-year contract awarded to Control4 New Zealand recognises the work they have done to establish the brand in New Zealand while simultaneously supporting the energy management industry” he says.

For more information about Control4 energy solutions visit www.control4.co.nz

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NZ Company Receives Global Support for Local Energy Management Solutions
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