Dec 2009

NZ Entrepreneur Makes Generous Charitable Pledge

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A Kiwi businessman has offered the profits from a new division of his technology firm to charity World Vision with the aim to aid the children of a third world village.


A New Zealand entrepreneur has pledged to give 100 percent of profits from his technology company to World Vision – with the goal to support an entire village of children in need.

While tougher economic times are looming for many, Andrew Schick believes New Zealanders are still better off than most and wants to use his business to help those less fortunate.

Mr Schick, the founder and company director of Data Lock, (a Tauranga based data back-up service) says he has always wanted to create a business that does more than just generate profit for its shareholders.

“Data Lock is a realisation of my passion to run a successful business that uses its profits to benefit children in need. Our long term goal is to gift $155,000 to Child Sponsorship each year, which would equate to over 300 children being sponsored,” he says.

Mr Schick’s passion to help the world’s children came about after years of practicing as a social worker and philanthropist, where he witnessed the plight of disadvantaged children worldwide, from the Philippines to Fiji.

In order to fund his volunteer work, Mr Schick simultaneously established several successful IT businesses. As his entrepreneurial flair grew he realised that he could use the profits of his businesses to help under-funded organisations.

“We aim to maintain a 20% profit margin in Data Lock Home Backup that can be gifted to World Vision. Feeding the profits back to the people who need help most is my idea of success,” he says.


 World Vision Chief Executive Officer, Lisa Cescon, says the organisation is thrilled to have the support of Data Lock and incredibly grateful for the generous donations to be made.

“Quote from Lisa, perhaps including the number of children in need and how more businesses support is needed,” she says.

Customers who subscribe to the Data Lock Home service can be assured their money is going to the needy. The Data Lock Home system will be audited each quarter by World Vision.

For more information on Data Lock’s charitable partnership with World Vision or to find out more about how the Data Lock Home system can help protect your personal data please visit www.datalock.co.nz

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NZ Entrepreneur Makes Generous Charitable Pledge
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