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NZ Exec to Head Domino’s Europe/Middle East Growth

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Domino’s Pizza giant selects former General Manager of Domino’s New Zealand to take on role pushing the brand throughout Europe and the Middle East.

Domino's Pizza Josh KilimnicMarch 20th , 2012.A New Zealand pizza company executive has been selected to help drive the growth of a globally successful business in Europe and the Middle East.
As Domino’s Pizza’s new director for more than 60 countries in both these areas, Josh Kilimnik will facilitate the heightened success of the brand internationally.
The former General Manager for Domino’s Pizza New Zealand, Kilimnik has more than two decades’ experience with the company.
Domino’s Pizza will benefit largely from an increased push of the brand in Europe and the Middle East, helping it to expand its 10,500 stores worldwide, he says.
“Domino’s is currently unrepresented in these regions, giving us a huge opportunity to grow,” Kilimnik says.
“For example, in NZ we have a population of about 4 million, and we’ll soon have 90 stores. We have nine times as many Domino’s outlets here as there are in the likes of Poland, which has about 36 million more people. Australia can be compared in the same way, with its 500 stores for about 20 million people compared to Poland’s expected 25 stores by the end of 2013. There is evidently a lot of room for expansion,” he says.
Under Kilimnik’s guidance, the NZ Domino’s Pizza team has successfully achieved a stronger digital presence, with the launch of a new faster and easier to use platform for ordering online.
The company expects 80% of its Kiwi sales to be processed online within the next three years.
He’s also overseen the ongoing $2 million nationwide refurbishment of the business’ NZ stores nationwide.
Kilimnik’s new role will be based in Holland and he will replaced in NZ by Domino’s team member Scott Bush.
Bush has been working for the Australasian-owned company since 2003, and is the current state corporate operations manager for the New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory market in Australia.
Bush will take up the General Managers role from September 1.

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NZ Exec to Head Domino’s Europe/Middle East Growth
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