Dec 2011

Optimizer HQ Announces Acquisition of Creative Agency Design

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After being founded in a bedroom eight years ago one of New Zealand’s fastest growing technology companies Optimizer HQ has announced its acquisition of creative company Desaign.


One of New Zealand’s fastest growing technology companies, has made its first strategic acquisition, just days after announcing its listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Optimizer HQ, an international finalist in last year’s Red Herring 100 Asia Award as well as the Technology 100 Global Awards, has purchased Desaign, an animation and motion graphics company, which it hopes will expand its service portfolio.

The Chief Executive of Optimizer HQ Manas Kumar, says the acquisition of Desaign brings together Optimizer HQ’s leading cloud based business technology and Desaign’s animation and motion graphic design capabilities, giving small businesses access to a comprehensive suite of simplified online marketing and customer retention solutions.

In addition, the acquisition is expected to provide future product integration opportunities with some of Optimizer HQ’s yet to be announced research and development projects.

Mr Kumar says he is excited about what the acquisition means for both companies.

“Desaign’s skills and ability to turn complex concepts into simple communication is what attracted us in the first instance. Optimizer HQ is all about simplifying technology and so Desaign was a good fit. This acquisition will expand our service portfolio and help small businesses around the world simplify business communication through the work this division will produce.”

Chief Executive of Desaign Tan Desai says the graphics company has a unique value proposition enabling businesses to effectively express their visions, ideas and passion through animation and motion graphics.

“Our management, design and animation teams have always resonated very well with the team at Optimizer HQ. Going forward, we see this acquisition as an opportunity to become part of a global brand leading the way through innovation and passion,” says Tan

After listing just one month ago on the Frankfurt Stock exchange Kumar says he felt it was important to maintain the businesses momentum.

“With the company now public, we felt there were a lot of expectations we had to meet and this the purchase is a step in the right direction for us, acquisitions have always been an important part of our growth strategy and we have a few others on our radar,” he says.

For more information on Optimizer HQ visit www.optimizerhq.com

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Optimizer HQ Announces Acquisition of Creative Agency Design
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