Oct 2013

Orakei Schoolgirl Behind Major Juice Brand Redesign

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Lauren Lindfield, along with her mother and siblings, were one of 128 families asked to provide iconic Kiwi brand Just Juice with feedback on its flavours, packaging and labels.

Impact PR Just Juice People 20/9/13As little Lauren Lindfield comes home from school, the thirsty five-year-old makes a bee-line for the fridge. It used to be tricky for Lauren to be able to pour her own glass of Just Juice, but that’s not the case anymore!

Orakei-based Lauren, along with her mum Angela and siblings; Chloe (six) and Nathan (three), were one of 128 families asked to provide iconic Kiwi brand Just Juice with feedback on its flavours, packaging and labels.

The survey was part of a $2.6 million research and development project, the biggest undertaken by Frucor, the company behind the Just Juice brand, in its 51 year history.

The research showed that 76% of consumers preferred the new bottle, 63% the new label design and all flavours rated highly with consumers.

The new Just Juice changes mean Lauren can now lift and pour her own glass of Just Juice with the newly designed bottle, making spillage less of a concern.

“I love pouring my juice,” she says. “Now I can do it myself, without mum!”

Angela says the changes to the juice brand’s bottle shape and weight is a nice little help to her and her family.

“The kids love the brand, just I did when I was young, and now they can help themselves. Now there’s one less thing for me to do, and when the kids ask me if they can pour their own juice I can let them have a go with less chance of spills. It helps them to be more independent,” she says.

The Lindfield family say the brand looks and tastes better than ever.

“You can taste each component in the new flavours really clearly and the new logo is fresh and vibrant,” says Angela.

“The juice looks really good and it’s even yummier!” says Lauren.

Just Juice senior brand manager, Nicole Scown, says the company welcomed feedback from families like the Lindfields to ensure they continued to meet the changing needs of modern families.

“Generations of us have grown up with Just Juice; it has been on our breakfast tables, at picnics and packed in lunchboxes for 32 years. We know the needs of each generation are changing and we want to make sure we are addressing these evolving requirements. We conducted extensive research with New Zealand families who told us our original bottle wasn’t easy to use for the whole family and our flavours looked and tasted too similar,” she says.

“We have made changes after thorough consultation with Kiwi families and the result is what you are seeing on shelf today – a new juice range that tastes more true to fruit, meaning value for the whole family to enjoy.”

Scown says while Just Juice is committed to offering a great tasting range for the whole family, the brand wants to ensure it remains responsible.

For that reason, the company recommends diluting Just Juice for younger kids on pack, she says.

After customer feedback from its survey, Just Juice has added five new flavours to the range which include;  Pineapple & Guava, Pear & Apple, Pear & Apple 50% less sugar, Splash Apple & Blackcurrant (with 50% spring water); and a new Orange range: Orange, Orange & Pink Grapefruit and Orange & Pineapple.

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Orakei Schoolgirl Behind Major Juice Brand Redesign
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