Celebrity Appearances

Impact PR has the experience with Celebrity Endorsers to ensure any Appearances for your Brand are Perfect!

CelebrityAppearancesSidebarCelebrities may from time to time be asked to represent brands (in NZ or around the world). When the celebrity agrees to this they become a one of many celebrity endorsers around the world. This is where a celebrity lends their persona to a brand. The brand that purchases the rights to use the celebrity in this way generally covet attributes that these celebrity endorsers exhibit in abundance.

Celebrities are also brands. To protect both celebrity endorser and client requires strategic planning and preparation, strong media relationships and an ability to anticipate potential issues.

Our in-house celebrity endorsements specialist Fleur Revell believes that the key to a successful partnership between talent and client is ensuring expectations are clearly laid out upfront. With extensive experience in the industry Fleur understands the potential issues and effectively anticipates a solution before they occur.

This is critical in ensuring a long term partnership and the longevity of the celebrity endorsement.

Impact PR has leveraged the brand involvement of international celebrities such as, Jennifer Garner, Lady Gaga, Eva Longoria, Lauren Brant, Vanessa Hudgeons, Leighton Meister, Rachel Hunter, Hulk Hogan and local celebrities including Rugby star Tony Woodcock, Bernice Mene, Dame Susan Devoy in a variety of partnerships to promote consumer products.

Most recently Impact PR hosted Pantene brand ambassador Rachel Hunter and daughter Renee Stewart for the next generation Pantene campaign in Auckland. Journalists remarked on what an excellent job Impact PR had done of maintaining positive coverage for Rachel Hunter and the PR programme was described by a New Zealand Herald journalist as a “carefully managed media launch”.

For more information on choosing and managing the relationship with your celebrity endorsers please contact us. Fleur Revell, a former top selling women’s magazine editor, has managed negotiations with dozens of New Zealand based and international celebrity endorsers ensuring a positive outcome for both client and talent.


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