Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Why are Google page rankings so important to your business? Learn from one of the top SEO Companies Auckland offers

SEOSidebar2Google page rankings like for ‘SEO Auckland’ or ‘SEO firms Auckland’ are important to your business because it has been estimated that over four out of 10 of Google users will click the top search result with less than 10% clicking on the second result spit out by the popular search engine. You yourself may have even clicked on a key word search term to come to the website of one of the leading SEO companies Auckland offers such as “PR Firms” (where we have a number one position).

Impact PR’s experienced Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) consultant is able to manipulate the myriad of variables required to achieve the coveted and lucrative top rankings in Google.

As the top among SEO companies Auckland offers, consulting to both web developers and website owners, our resident SEO expert is well known for his detailed grasp of the Google algorithms. He is remarkably skilled in picking the appropriate search phrases to target, adding them onto pages, fixing website issues that stop a website from ranking well, and then the all important linking process.

Based at one of the top SEO Firms Auckland offers, he works closely with website developers in getting the content management systems they use, more SEO friendly. He has even been successful in getting a number of sites re-included into Google after Google has banned them from its index.

Impact PR’s SEO philosophy is simple: create Search Engine Optimised websites, rather than just “nice” looking pages that don’t stand a chance at ranking for anything.

While the top can never be a guarantee, your websites pages will get higher on Google, and your site will progress to being able to get more traffic as rankings improve.

For more information on how you can engage one of the leading SEO companies Auckland holds or if you just want to talk generally about ‘SEO firms Auckland’ please contact us.


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