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The goal of social media is to turn customers into a volunteer marketing army

SOCIAL MEDIA For New Zealand Businesses:

Social Media Marketing Auckland

How to Reach, Socialise and Inspire your audience

Being where your target market is has never been more vital! The growing use of social media to engage, inform and entertain has meant that businesses increasingly are using these platforms to reach the eye and ear of their consumers.

With Google now placing more emphasis on Facebook  and Twitter content, these sites can be used by to get your message to national and international communities faster.

Social networking websites are also a relevant source of up-to-date information and are a popular point of reference to learn about the latest breaking news and stories. Businesses can take advantage of this trend by using these online media channels to launch products, keep consumers informed and link to their company website. Any of the top social media firms or social media marketing companies may be able to help achieve this.

The Keyword is “Social”!

But be warned, simply establishing basic a Facebook Page for your company/brand and crossing your fingers is not likely to provide you with any meaningful outcomes.

We believe a social media strategy must be created with the overall business or brand objectives in mind.

Deciding which social media channels to use then must be chosen with these objectives in mind. Stand-alone social media activity that acts exclusive of other parts of your business is unsustainable and will consume resources without adding long-term value. You must ensure all business and social media activities pull in the same direction to get the most out of the investment.

Benefits include the ability to build a community, which can be accessed, conversed with and broadcast anytime, without the need for big-budget advertising campaigns or paying for website updates which can quickly become static and dated; and the ability to zero-in on your specific target market so you are not needlessly marketing to the wrong demographic.

Social media firms are no longer a ‘nice to have’ but an integral part of many businesses now. Most likely you have a social presence of some kind; the question is: Are you getting results?

For more information on how our specialists from one of the top social media marketing companies can help you get results from your social media, contact us today!

Social Media Marketing Auckland

Social Media  – What Happens when it goes wrong?

As our media landscape continues to evolve at a rapid rate and the way we reach consumers with our news becomes more fragmented, many businesses leap into a social media programme without a strategic plan.

In our experience this often does more damage to the brand than good.

Social media is not simply creating a facebook page and using it to host a series of posts about your products, nor is it best used as a forum for your consumers to air their grievances which is seldom responded to.

A Sixth of Kiwis Prefer Social Media as their Default Complaint Medium

Impact PR’s research showed that one in six Kiwis (aged 18-24) used social media to complain about goods or services they had received from local companies With this number of Kiwis undertaking this approach, you had better be certain that you have someone on the other end of your Facebook page to prevent this escalating.

Social media is about engaging with your customers, yes, it’s about encouraging and inspiring them with their brand, but any good conversationalist will tell you it’s the listening that counts. Far too often brands respond to complaints with ‘commercial brand speak”, but few seem to remember what it’s like to be a customer.

That’s why before you launch any type of social media platform, you must ensure you have a team to manage it, not just a team for the good, but a team for the bad. This means someone who is well versed in crisis management, who can mitigate any complaints and ensure they are not escalated.

With an increasing number of people using social media to name and shame, it’s important that you have the ability to respond, quickly and remedy any potential situation.

Your chosen social media agency should be able to arm you with a number of responses to commonly asked questions along with the crafting of highly sensitive answers for issues of concern, personal messages and direct phone calls or email.

At Impact PR we also provide you with a crisis response strategy with an escalation process particularly designed specifically for your product or service.

Our top eight tips for ensuring Smooth Sailing on Social Media

1)       Preparation – take the time to lay out a game plan for how to deal with customer issues online.

2)      Respond quickly – maintain at least a daily check on social conversations. A fast response helps show you care.

3)      Do treat each complaint with an individual customised response

4)      NEVER use marketing speak to respond to a complaint.

5)      NEVER try and sell them something else, they want to be listened to not sold to

6)      Take the customer offline as soon as possible and resolve the complaint away from social media

7)      Follow up – after working out a resolution with the customer, follow up afterwards to ensure it met their expectations

8)      Resourcing – if you don’t have the skills or time in-house to maintain your page and manage complaints effectively, consider outsourcing the page management to a social specialist who can not only generate content but manage crisis and issues.

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