Jul 2010

Pamper Your Pooch With Lemongrass Dogs!

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Let man’s best friend feel and smell fresh and clean with the new range of Lemongrass House products for dogs.


Pamper your pooch with Lemongrass Dogs – fresh, handmade spa products for the family canine!

As much as we love them, we all know that sometimes dogs just don’t smell fresh! So get spritzing and make sure your dog smells fresh as a daisy every day.

Designed to neutralise doggy odour and leave a refreshing herbal scent, Lemongrass Dogs Dog Spritzer (RRP $19.95) contains a zesty mix of lemongrass, green tea and bergamot. Apply directly onto your dog’s coat or spray into your dog’s bed.

Keep your dog happy and pesky fleas at bay with Lemongrass Dogs Dog Flea Shampoo (RRP $14.95) – a hand blended, natural dog flea shampoo that combines specially selected essential oils to gently pamper your dog’s skin and coat.

The natural, citrus-based shampoo deodorises a stinky dog and helps to repel fleas, flies and mosquitoes. Lemongrass Dogs Dog Flea Shampoo is detergent-free and cleans deeply without causing any itching or irritation, leaving your dog’s coat smooth and luxurious.

And look after your dog’s paws with Lemongrass Dogs Dog Paw Balm (RRP $16.95). All those playtimes at the beach can wear your dog’s paw pads down, so give them some TLC with this healing balm. Lemongrass Dogs Dog Paw Balm quickly heals and protects your pet’s paws from exposure and the elements. It also works effectively on your dog’s skin conditions, wounds, sores and burns so downward tails can quickly start wagging again!


Established in Thailand, Lemongrass Dogs uses only the highest quality and concentration of essential oils to develop its natural treatments. Lemongrass House has a deep-rooted environmental commitment – all ingredients used in the range are fresh and derived from safe, renewable resources.

Products contain no parabens, no sulphates or animal ingredients and with simple attractive packaging made from recycled or recyclable materials, you and your pet can rest easy this festive season!

For the full range of products available and or order online, visit www.lemongrasshouse.co.nz

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Pamper Your Pooch With Lemongrass Dogs!
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