Dec 2012

Say Cheese to Domino’s New Cheesy Crust

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Domino’s new Cheesy Crust pizza is the perfect way to celebrate the Yuletide season, with a cheddar cheese filling folded inside the outer crust which delivers 160g extra cheese but with 30% less fat.

DominosPizza lovers have every reason to celebrate this Christmas with an early Yuletide present from your favourite pizza company Domino’s.

Soap-on-a-rope, socks and undies, a knitted sweater from nana, the list of bad Christmas presents goes on but with Domino’s new Cheesy Crust you’re bound to get something you want this silly season!

Domino’s new ‘Cheesy Crust’ is a cheddar cheese filling folded inside the outer crust of the pizza base, giving pizza devotees an extra 160 grams of cheese in their pizza, but with 30% less fat!

The soft, tasty cheese filling has a hint of cheddar and fills the crust of the pizza, giving you an extra burst of flavour at the end of each pizza slice.

In fact the new Cheesy Crust was created after numerous calls from pizza connoisseurs wanting extra cheese in their crust.

Domino’s General Manager NZ Josh Kilimnik says the company has been working on perfecting their Cheesy Crust for months, making sure it would impress loyal pizza buffs with more cheese.

“Our customers have been asking us to make this product for months, but we didn’t want to launch anything until we had a product that clearly delivered great flavour, texture and taste,” says Kilimnik.

“After several months of hard work in our product development kitchen, we’ve done it, and I am so proud of this product I know customers will absolutely love it!

“Our Cheesy Crust is softer, stretchier, tastier and healthier we’ve reduced the fat content of our mozzarella cheese by 30% and we’ve also put more cheese filling into our crust for a greater cavity fill.”

Kilimnik says the new product launch was about delivering what Domino’s customers were asking for.

“We take many things into account when we are developing new products, but ultimately, we want to make the things that our customers want and if they want more cheese, than that’s exactly what they’ll get!” he says.

The new Cheesy Crust is available to add to your favourite pizza at an introductory price of just $2.99, making it the perfect accompaniment for any summer get-together or New Year’s party!

Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Ltd and its franchisees have 562 stores across Australia and New Zealand, employing more than 16,000 part-time and full-time staff and making more than 60 million pizzas annually.

For more information, visit www.dominospizza.co.nz

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Say Cheese to Domino’s New Cheesy Crust
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