Mar 2011

Say Goodbye to Moisture Damaged Floors Inside and Out

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Say Goodbye to Moisture Damaged Floors Inside and Out with New James Hardie Secura Flooring Solutions.


Protecting your floors against moisture damage has never been easier and more effective thanks to Secura™ Interior Flooring and Secura™ Exterior Flooring from James Hardie.

Secura™ Interior Flooring is perfect for areas in the house that need superior moisture protection, especially bathrooms. The moisture resistant sealer removes the need for full floor waterproofing outside enclosed showers.

A heavy duty, lightweight flooring substrate, Secura™ Interior Flooring can easily be used for tile and vinyl finishes and not only looks great, but also feels solid without the weight and costs of other products. Ideal if you want your project to come in on budget!

Plus, the builders will be happy because the use of sophisticated technology and design means that it’s up to 40 percent quicker to install than HardiePanel Compressed sheet.

With tongue and groove joints and a board size of 2700 x 600 x 19mm, Secura™ Interior Flooring has been designed with style and function in mind.

Of course when it comes to protecting your home from moisture, the outside is just as important, and that’s where Secura™ Exterior Flooring for balconies and decks comes in.

The perfect alternative to traditional exterior flooring substrates like plywood, Secura™ Exterior Flooring offers the same benefits and features of its interior counterpart as well as a UV cured water resistant coating that makes it ideal for protection against the elements prior to the floor being finished with a waterproofing membrane and exterior floor tiles.

For floors that will not only turn heads but also keep the bank manager happy, look no further than James Hardie’s Secura™ Flooring.

For more information visit www.jameshardie.co.nz

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Say Goodbye to Moisture Damaged Floors Inside and Out
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