May 2012

See The Difference YOU Can Make With Pedigree

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Help us help dogs and see the difference YOU can make with Pedigree. Over ten thousand Kiwi dogs are abandoned each year and it is because of this worrying figure that Pedigree are donating a portion of any product sold to the Pedigree Adoption Drive Charitable Trust.

PedigreeThey may be considered ‘man’s best friend’ but for the thousands of dogs abandoned in New Zealand every year this statement couldn’t be further from the truth.
Every year up to 11,000* Kiwi dogs are left without food, water or shelter but thanks to PEDIGREE® some of these dogs are being found, rehabilitated and re-homed for a second chance at life.
All year a portion of the sale of any PEDIGREE product will be donated to the PEDIGREE Adoption Drive Charitable Trust; a registered New Zealand charity that raises awareness and donates money to animal shelters and welfare organisations.
So, by buying PEDIGREE, you can give these dogs a better chance at life while making sure your best mate is in tip-top shape with the improved PEDIGREE dry and wet food.
The researchers at the WALTHAM® Centre for Pet Nutrition the world’s leading authority on pet care and nutrition have identified four key areas that are important for a healthy dog. These Four Universal Needs of Dogs are: skin and coat, oral care, digestion and immunity.
Based on the WALTHAM® research PEDIGREE dog food has recently been improved to take care of these needs and look after your best friend from nose to tail.
For the perfect skin and coat, the level of linoleic acid has been increased in the PEDIGREE dog food recipes. The optimal levels of zinc also help to ensure your dog’s coat will be healthy, clean and glossy.
PEDIGREE dog food recipes are now also highly digestible and have been formulated to contain a blend of soluble and insoluble fiber to help support the health of the digestive system and promote optimum nutrient absorption for your pup.

For optimum dental health PEDIGREE food provides oral care benefits through its specially designed dental kibble.
To top it off PEDIGREE recipes look after your loyal companion’s immunity with high levels of vitamin E and vitamin C. The PEDIGREE food for dogs provides immune support by delivering the right combination and levels of antioxidant nutrients.
So this year look after your best friend while giving a helping hand to the thousands of Kiwi dogs who aren’t so lucky by purchasing any PEDIGREE product all year long. See the difference a donation can make with the PEDIGREE Adoption Drive 2012 cinema campaign on the official website www.pedigreeadoptiondrive.co.nz. PEDIGREE® Dry Dog Food 1.25kg (RRP $7.99), 3kg (RRP $13.99) and 8kg ($31.95) are available in stores nationwide and PEDIGREE Wet Food and PEDIGREE Dentastix Treats retail from RRP $1.39 to RRP $19.99 in stores nationwide.
For more information on the PEDIGREE® range of products or to find out how to donate or adopt a dog of your own, visit www.pedigreeadoptiondrive.co.nz

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See The Difference YOU Can Make With Pedigree
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