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Set Your Sights on the Ultimate Kiwi Road Trip with JVC

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Set Your Sights on the Ultimate Kiwi Road Trip with JVC a device which offers both GPS and music playback.


Nothing says summer more than a Kiwi road trip with friends and fine music for company. Now JVC makes the experience that much more memorable with the launch of the KW-AVX836NAVN.

This stylish device combines a double-DIN Bluetooth® Wireless Technology multimedia receiver with GPS Car Navigation, so you can navigate the country’s coast while singing along to the songs on your favourite playlist.

Featuring a built-in 7-inch widescreen touch panel monitor, Proximity Sensor, and a detachable face panel, this groundbreaking unit plays Audio and video from iPod®/iPhone™ as well as USB devices.

GPS Car Navigation is fully integrated with the touch panel, ensuring an easy to use solution so you’ll always find your way.  Powered by iGO Software, the KW-AVX836NAVN comes preloaded with the latest New Zealand Maps so you can head to your favourite holiday hot spots in no time.

The integrated iGO software calculates the route to your chosen destination and displays a map overview along with the most important information, such as distance and estimated travel time. Just tap ‘Go!’ and iGO My way™ guides to your destination with clear and timely voice guidance and a smoothly moving 3D map – it couldn’t be easier!

Even if you do manage to take a wrong turn, lane assistance and realistic signposts shown on the screen help you to find your way even in the most difficult situations.


Complex junctions are displayed in 3D to provide a rapid understanding of your next manoeuvre while true-to-life 3D models of famous landmarks and display of the terrain around you – such as valleys, hills and mountains.

Whether you’re looking for the fastest or most scenic journey, the KW-AVX836NAVN has it covered.  Choose from fast, short, economic or ‘easy-to-follow’ route variants, compare the various route alternatives visually on the map, and pick the one you prefer – even if it includes avoiding motorways, ferries, unpaved roads, and toll roads!

But what road trip would be complete without the very best sounds rolling through your speaker system?

The KW-AVX836NAVN comes equipped with a USB connection for iPod®/iPhone™ as well as MP3/WMA/WAV audio files and provides clear digital sound in full speed transfer while also charging the device.

The unit’s advanced EQ settings boost the frequency ranges usually absorbed in the car, and adjust the sound to best fit the human ear. You can enjoy dynamic sound even with ordinary speakers.

For road companions who want the total experience, the KW-AVX836NAVN plays AV files via the USB connection on the built-in 7-inch widescreen touch monitor– they’ll never want your trip to end!

To keep other friends updated on your ETA, the KW-AVX836NAVN has Built-in Bluetooth® Wireless Technology for clear communication while the Phone Book Access Profile (PBAP) for iPhone™ lets you automatically access your phone book without transfer.  You can also manually transfer up to 400 numbers from compatible cell phones.

Changing from hands-free to a private conversation can be done by a push of a key. You can also easily switch Bluetooth® connection between 2 phones, such as for business/private use.

To avoid distraction and ensure road safety, the KW-AVX836NAVN features a Proximity Sensor to activate the screen when you hand approaches. When left untouched, the keys disappear so you can concentrate on the main screen.

When your trip finally comes to an end, the clever device has a Detachable Face Panel which can be removed on leaving your car to guard against theft – or even if you just want to always carry it round with you!

The KW-AVX836NAVN (RRP $2,299.00) is available from Car Audio Retailers nationwide.  For more information visit www.jvc.co.nz

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Set Your Sights on the Ultimate Kiwi Road Trip with JVC
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